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Countryside is GREAT - Part 1

Britain's countryside is great, rich with lakes, mountains and monuments. Richard goes to the Lake District first, before crossing the border to Wales.

Task 1

Which is the best title for this video?


Task 2

The numbers in this exercise are in the video. What do they refer to?


Task 3

Can you make sentences from the video using these words?


Task 4

Richard said "This area is said to be one of the most beautiful in Great Britain." Complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first one. You can't use the word 'people' and you must use the word in brackets.




Language level

Advanced: C1
Upper intermediate: B2


Hello Nizam,

Thanks, as always, for pointing out what look like mistakes. Question 5 is was actually grammatically correct ('to' is optional in that structure), but since the transcript includes the 'to', I've added it to the task. Thanks again for telling us about it.

As for question 4 in task 4, 'to have slept' is a perfect infinitive. As an infinitive, it doesn't change form in accordance with the subject. Take a look through the page I linked to and if you have any questions, please let us know.

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I remember when i came to Sheffield to attend an english language course some years ago. I stayed there for one month and half, living the core of the city. Then, at the and of the programme of study, i rented out a car for moving to Liverpool. And when i went in the countryside, i remained completely charmed of the stunning and beautiful hills that surround Sheffield! Those landscapes touched me a lot, i will never forget them, with those beutiful and pure, immaculate brooks and green hills planty of colored flowers!
That is one between the landscapes i like better!
I live in a countryside lowland, that i love above all in autumn, when the leaves become multi-colored! Neverthless i like the city panorama too, as long as the city is not to much crowded and chaotic, and especially when it is at least sufficently clean!
I have always been attracted by those limitless Britain's landscapes that i always whatched in movies, above all those of Scotland! I would like to go to visit them one day!

Hi Everyone..
What kind of countryside do you like best?
Kind of countryside I like best is like Gilimanuk, Secret Bay in my country, Bali.
Secret Bay is the name of the dive site found in Gilimanuk. Guarded by two tiny island, this bay is not deep at all. With the water level rising and falling between 2 and 12 metres deep. Neither very large, the bay measures about 2km across and is made up of mangrove flora. The mouth of the bay is like a canal that provides nutrient-rich currents and a safe place for marine life to reproduce. Making it a protected and ideal nursery to visit in bad weather.
It's one of the few places in my country where we can find creatures that are difficult to believe that they exist.

I really liked the lake and its surroundings.I guess I'd rather to live in countryside.I am fed up with hustle and bustle of the cities as I live in a big city.When you live in countryside you get to enjoy breathtaking views, lead healthy lifestyle as well as knowing less but precious people.

Hi!I like very much countrysides with forests,mountains,lakes, rivers and meadows. Do you know French Jura Mountains? It's a mountain's range spanning two countries: France and Switzerland. The highest point is about1700m. His name is : the "Crêt de la Neige".From this point we have a large view on the Alpes's range and the "Mont Blanc".
But "Jura " is also the name of a french department at the east of France, between the Burgondy area and Switzerland. It's an area with various landscapes as I said above.
"Jura" has also given his name at the géological term: jurassique.Millions years ago, before these mountains rised, there were a sea not very deep; tropical vegetation and dinosaurs. Today, in Jura, near a small village of Loulle, we can see a limestone place with many dinosaur's tracks. It's for me an extraordinary site because we can see 18 sauropod tracks ways and 4 theropod tracks ways. These tracksways had been discovered in 2004 and some scientifics had examined and protected them; It's now a touristic site .The Windermere Lake had intresting me because as I exlain i like landscapes very green with lakes, forests.I could not live in city , far from nature. Thanks

5. In the Middle Ages, people thought the Earth
was flat.
In the Middle Ages, the Earth
________________________________ flat
Can the answer be :
The Earth was thought to have been flat

Hello Hesham Anwar,

I'm afraid we don't provide answers to tests and questions from other sources. If we started to do this then we would end up doing everyone's homework for them!


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What kind of countryside do you like best? Which of the places that Richard visits most interest you? Do you prefer to live in the city or in the countryside?
I like different kinds of countryside. Southern countryside with the sea and the beach is great, especially if surrounded by mountains, like in the Caucasus for example. I like mountain scenery because it is spectacular. In general I like visiting different regions or countries and admiring landscapes which are very different from that of my home region. In central Russia where I live the relief is flat, there are only small hills here and there, but there are large rivers, big forests and vast fields, I like that too, especially fields because I prefere open spaces . But sometimes it is interesting to see something different for a change, like tropical islands or high mountains. That's why in this video I like the Welsh scenery best of all because that's different from my place, but the Windermere lake is very beautiful too. As for the place where I'd prefer to live, I'd say in the city because of work and all the facilities and shopping, entertainment and so on, but I absolutely want to have a summer house in the countryside where I could spend my holidays in the nature enjoying fresh air, walking in the filelds and in the forest, swimming in a river or in a lake.

What kind of countryside do you like best? Which of the places that Richard visits most interest you? Do you prefer to live in the city or in the countryside?

Hi friends! I like the country side with mountains, threes and beaches. the lake that I saw in the video is beatiful buy I like most the beach with warm water. The places that Richard visited looked worderful, I liked most the mountain beacause the scenary is special and we can feel the magic of the nature. I really prefer to live in the country side because the life is quite, calm and healthier that the cities.

What kind of countryside do you like best? Which of the places that Richard visits most interest you? Do you prefer to live in the city or in the countryside?

I prefer the countryside in this video. The countryside is amazing beautiful in Great Britain, and I like the landscape the most among the places which Richard introduced. However, I would like live in the city rather than in the countryside. Because I always have curiosity for news things, I guess news may not get as first hand information if I live in countryside.