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Countryside is GREAT - Part 1

Britain's countryside is great, rich with lakes, mountains and monuments. Richard goes to the Lake District first, before crossing the border to Wales.

Task 1

Which is the best title for this video?


Task 2

The numbers in this exercise are in the video. What do they refer to?


Task 3

Can you make sentences from the video using these words?


Task 4

Richard said "This area is said to be one of the most beautiful in Great Britain." Complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first one. You can't use the word 'people' and you must use the word in brackets.




Language level

Advanced: C1
Upper intermediate: B2


I like countryside like hills, mountains full with the snow, and then fields with full of green weeds. I think it'll make me so peaceful. I like the places that Richard showed. But I do love Lake Windermere. It's such a peaceful place. So relaxing I think. I'd be very happy and excited if I could go there. Actually, I'd like to stay in the countryside. But, our real life is so different. I could go there if I wanted. But I can't live there forever.

Mostly I prefer English countryside, but I also love mountains and hills here in my country!
I believe every place Richard visited are amazing, and must to be visited if you are there.
I prefer living in quite, sweeping, green countryside than in the town.
I wish I could live in British countryside in the future... :)

That makes two of us :)

Actually I prefer countryside than city life. Especially I take into account being of lake or sea and forests etc in countryside life.

Hello, british council team.
Thank you so much for this video and exersises. I had problem with Task 4.
Could you advise me some more exersises with using constructions: "it is said"; it is believed", it is thought"...?

Hello dear friend. I'd love to talk about your question as much as i can. "It's said or It's belived.." When we talk about something has special and common information about it. then people say "its said. so it basically mean that it is commonly reported .

Hello ingasaba,

We're glad you found the video useful! As far as I know, we don't have any other resources that talk about these forms, but if you do an internet search for something like 'passive voice reporting verbs' I expect you'll find some useful resources on other sites.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

Hello British Council Team,
Is there a way I can download 'Britain is GREAT' and 'Word on the street' videos? A few weeks ago I remember there was a link where I was able to download the 'Literature is GREAT' videos to use them in my English classes but now I can't find a way to do so.
I hope there's a way to download them, there is no internet in the classrooms. I love using your material in my classes, my kids love learning more about UK culture.

Hello GabyMares,

I'm afraid the videos on LearnEnglish are not available for download for legal and technical reasons. There used to be a link to download the activities in pdf form, but not the videos. It's unfortunate that you have no internet connection available for your lessons, but I'm afraid we can't help you in this way.

Best wishes,



The LearnEnglish Team

I think Britain´s countryside is very beautiful but also I think that all Mexico is very pretty and warm, not only because of its climate but for its people.