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Entrepreneurs are GREAT - Part 1

Richard meets Richard - Branson, that is! - and gets business advice from one of Britain's greatest entrepreneurs.

Task 1

Which is the best title for this video?


Task 2

Select all the things that Richard Branson says about good entrepreneurs.


Task 3

Reorder these words to make sentences from the video.


Task 4

Match the words and phrases to make expressions from the video.




Language level

Advanced: C1
Upper intermediate: B2


I think that an entreprenuer needs to be ambitious, hard-working and be able to think outside the box, and, of course, he should be a risk taker. Because of that I don't want to have my own bussiness, it will take a lot of my free time, it will be very stressful and like most women I can't make right decisions under pressure.
And we shouldn't admire business people, because other professions are great too (doctors, teachers, engineers, etc.).

I think it is about creativity, leadership and respectful to the others. Don't be ego as Richard said don't try to do everything by yourself. I never want to have my own business because I think I am not the kind of person who can control every risk situation. For businessman, I think there are a lot of things that we can learn from them or their experience, although I am not interested to be entrepreneur, I think we can adapt what we learn from them to our life.

In my opinion, the most important quality that makes an entrepreneur successful is to be fearless. Thanks’ to this quality, he will be able to take all the opportunities he will see. I had my own business before, I wrote articles for website and I don't think business people should be admire or not more than others jobs because this is exactly the same thing. Some people are good in working in finance, communication...Some others are good at develop business.

Do you think we should admire business people?

Yes. In fact, that's what I do because you can learn many things from them, they have the experience and knowledge and if you want to do your own business you have to search and ask about it so as not to make the same mistakes.

Have you ever had or wanted your own business?

I have had some ideas about it but right now, I am focusing in the university and in get professional experience before make my own bussines or even think about it.

I think that a good entrepeneur needs to be capable to you see a need in the market or in the society and with that, seek a solution and accept advices from other persons to improve your idea. It is important believe in what you do and enjoy it.

A successful entrepreneur is someone who has excellent communication skills for selling the products to customers and motivating the employees. I think that communication is the first quality of a successful entrepreneur, but without passion, determination, creativity, an open mind, discipline and confidence, there is no success.
I would like to start a business in the UK because i love the way people think, i like the english culture.

I love to read this article. I mean the sentence: "Don't try to do everything yourself ,,, try to find people who are better than you". Thank you Richard, hihi, both of them have the same name. Thank you Sir Richard too

i think there is a lot of qualities that can make a good entrepreneurship, like talking, working hard, have good contacts, having good relation with other people, etc.

yes, one time i tried to have my own business and i think it was really hard.

i think that we should admire entrepreneurships for what they do.

I want to know the meaning of some phrases:
1) I'M OFF to meet a few of them
2) BY HAVING a blast
3) Screw it
Thanks in advance