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Entrepreneurs are GREAT - Part 2

Richard carries on searching for the secret of entrepreneurial success, visiting two of Britain's youngest - and most fashionable - entrepreneurs, before meeting one of the judges of Britain's very own entrepreneurial reality TV show, Dragons' Den.

Task 1

What order does Richard do these things in the video?


Task 2

Who said these things? Did Jess & Emily say them? Did Duncan say them? Or did neither of them say them?


Task 3

Match the start and end of these sentences from the video.


Task 4

What do these words and phrases from the video mean?




Language level

Advanced: C1
Upper intermediate: B2


great and informative video! thanks a lot!

In Thailand, We have one family 'Jiratiwat', they are successful business family currently, and the most famous work for this family is the department store in Thailand. I don't think I will run business by my own and I think the important things for new business are supporting in finance and working hard.

Xaviel Niel is the most famous businessman in France since the last years, he is the CEO of Free, a mobile phone company. I would consider starting a business in the UK because this is a country where no one judge you about your ideas but only about the results, if you sell it, whatever it is, then this is worth to invest in. I think, a new business needs a lot of preparation before to be sure that even if there are some issues at the start, the company will still on. After, the business will need to question itself to see if it can do better or not.

What are the most important things a new business needs?
Being led by a person who enjoys what he/she does and who is certain that he/she will work hard, perhaps for a long time but in the end, it will all be worth it. Also, believe in what you do so that people believe in what you sell and believe they need to acquire it.

Would you consider starting a business in the UK?
Not right now, because although the text mentions some important aspects, the truth is that I don't know so mutch about the place and I have no idea of ​​the regulations that are needed, so right now I don't consider it.

Can you name successful business people in your country?
Carlos Slim, is a businessman who has implemented telecommunications with his company.

no, right now i have no idea of succesfull people in my country.
probabbly i would take my own company in the future to UK.
i think that a new business needs a lot of effort and hard work.

Hello, everyone..
☆ Can you name any successful business people in your country?
- I could pick one of Indonesian's greatest entrepreneurs, Chairul Tanjung. He is the Indonesian businessman and the former minister of coordination for economics in the Indonesian cabinet. He is the owner of the CT Corps that have interests in many business including the fashion industry, media, banking, entertainment and lifestyle. He's in the list of top ten richest people in Indonesia and worth an estimated 4,8 billion dollars.
☆ Would you consider starting a business in the UK?
- The UK is one of the most popular location for inward investment. A favourable business environment which has attracted many overseas businessman. So, Do I consider setting up a business in the UK?
Yes, if you'd like to invest....
I can dream.
☆ What are the most important things a new business needs?
- I think, before you get started it's worthwhile to potential customers, by communicating with them, it will help you to understand what might make them buy from you. Spend time researching how your competitors operate, identify any weaknesses they have and don't be complacent.

I can think of Mehmet Ali Aydınlar which is the largest shareholder, the CEO of the Acıbadem Healthcare Group which is Turkey's leading healthcare institution and founded in 1992.
Who wouldn't consider starting up a business in the U.K, anyway.Absolutely, I'd love to have a business in the U.K.Having said that, I guess it is pie in the sky lol
I dare say that finding out about your market, managing your budget and promoting your products are the most important things a new business needs.

Well, I am not really familiar with the names but I can tell about a new restaurant that had been set up not long ago in Damascus. It is called Al-Maktab which means The Office if you translate it. A man wanted to establish a new concept of restos and cafés and he came up with this one. It is one of the largest in Damascus. It is very unique with a large variety of activities. You can have your hair cut, you can do some shopping, watch movies.. etc. I think his idea worked because it was very unique and he met the need of our tired people, the need of entertainment without spending much money.

When talking about setting up a new business in a foreign country, you have to consider many things: do you know the market you`re heading to, do you know the needs of it, the competitors, the mentality of its people and loads of other things. Here I can say that the most important thing a new business needs is the knowledge of the market and having the competence in terms of skills.