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Green is GREAT - Part 1

You might not think of Britain as a tropical country, but at the Eden Project they have their very own rainforest! Richard learns about the centre's cutting-edge work in research and education, and pretends to be a bat for one of the world's rarest plants.

Task 1

Select the true sentences.


Task 2

Use no more than three words and/or a number to complete the sentences about the Eden Project.


Task 3

Order the words to make sentences from the video.


Task 4

Complete the sentences using the right 'green' word.




Language level

Advanced: C1
Upper intermediate: B2


I think I generate too much rubbish. In my country, there are plans to suppress plastic bags. Plastic is something that pollute oceans. Industrial and commercial products have too many wrappers. In order to keep our common home, we should return to ancient commerce practices like taking one's own bag to fill it with purchases. Wouldn't it be great?

Hello, what it means "sort of" in the next sentence: It's a garden and it's here to show people sort of where everyday products they might find in the supermarket...
Thanks in advance

Hello David

In this video, Hetty says 'sort of' to show that she is not speaking very exactly. I think she means that the garden can't show people everything about where all their food comes from, but that it is there to give them an idea. You can see a bit more about this use of 'sort of' on this Cambridge Dictionary page.

All the best


The LearnEnglish Team

Is it somehow possible to download this video?

Hello LinaS,

I'm afraid the videos on LearnEnglish are not available for download. On our audio-only pages we make the audio file available, but we cannot do this for all our material for technical and legal reasons.



The LearnEnglish Team

Yes, I would like to visit Eden Project. It is so amazing and interesting, everyone should be committed to save endangered species avoiding some activities as hunting, or buying some birds or any protected species. and probably many of us could be a WEEE man, all the items that everyone has bought like batteries, laptops, desktops, TV, AC, and go on...

I would LOVE to visit the Eden project one day. If ever possible, I's like to have my own ecosystem project as well, but I guess that's too expensive for a normal person to maintain.

Hello everyone..
☆ Would you like to visit the Eden Project?
- I'd love to visit this place. I love the idea so much and would like to know more about it.
Plants may not look as charismatic as animal, but plants are a critical part of the ecosystem. Fortunately, some scientist have dedicated their lives to studying plants, especially rare ones that are quickly heading towards extinction.
☆ How can we protect endangered species?
- The best way to protect endangered species is to protect the special place where they live. So when you are buying a house, consider your impact on wildlife habitat. By protecting habitat, entire communities of animals and plants can be protected together I think.
☆ Do you produce enough rubbish to make a WEEE man?
- I don't know how much rubbish I throw away, I've never calculated it, so I don't know it's been enough to make a WEEE man or not. But the most important thing right now is to do the best, to keep clean and save the world, you know.

Hello British Council's staff,

I wonder which kind of grammatical formula is " to be pollinating". Today for istance i have crossed also "if you happend to be wearing a white labcoat....". I have then found the meaning, but i can not understand which is the basic logical sense of this grammatical structure yet, therfore when it is normally used.
Can you help me please?

Thank you!

Hello Wolves,

'to be pollinating' and 'to be wearing' are continuous infinitives. Our continuous aspect page explains the different uses of continuous forms in general and should help you understand what these infinitives mean, but if you have any other specific questions, please let us know. Though we'll need to know more about the context, of course!

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team