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Literature is GREAT - Part 2

Modern-day authors cast their own spells, too, and Richard visits a very magical place to find out about contemporary English writers.

Task 1

Which is the best summary of the video?


Task 2

Watch the video again, and choose the best answer.


Task 3

Drag and drop the words to complete the sentences.


Task 4

Complete the paragraph about Philip Pullman by typing the missing words into the spaces.




Language level

Advanced: C1
Upper intermediate: B2


Hello Aung THet Naing,
The meaning of 'as has' here is 'and the same is true of'.  The 'has' part is there because the sentence has a present perfect form ('have also been turned into'), but you can use 'as + auxiliary verb' with different tenses.  For example:
Peter works at LearnEnglish.  Adam works at LearnEnglish. (present simple; auxiliary verb = do/does)
> Peter works at Learn English, as does Adam.
Manchester is a city in the north of English.  Leeds is a city in the north of England. (present form of 'be'; auxiliary verb = am/is/are)
> Manchester is a city in the north of England, as is Leeds.
I will be late today.  Jill will be late today. (will future; auxiliary verb = will)
> I will be late today, as will Jill.
I hope that clears it up for you.  Thanks for an interesting question that I'm sure others have wanted to ask too.
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

I watched this video and the previous one.I like both of them ,but a little problem encounters me which is about understanding every thing.On one side I can understand about 50% of what is he talking about, but one the other hand I can answer correctly 90% of the tasks. so what can I do to understanding the British accent better.

The GREAT videos are among the most difficult on LearnEnglish, so don't worry if you don't understand everything. Try another series like Word on the Street, you might understand more of it.
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

Hai friends, I like this page .I Love shakespeare's all dramas, like English , the Asian Language Tamil has the longest and oldest history,it has so many poems,epics,and many stories . If any body studied that language please share with me.

I love British literature... I believe there isn't another place that has so many great and famous writers, it's amazing. I've read the seven books of Harry Potter... I "devoured" the last one and I've watched all the movies more than three times each... I've read in English only the first one... but after reading it in my language and after watching the movie is easier to understand... I dare say I've improved my English thanks to Harry Potter, books + films

Harry Potter books are very populare becouse they have wonderful imagination and sense.I read some parts of Harry Potter,but i watched all parts of famouse film...I think i can write a novel,but i need a pan...

From my point of view, Ken Follett is one of the greatest English storytellers. Breathtaking work.

And not even a word about Virginia Woolf; if that is not a writer who makes British literature great, not just well-known, then ...? Anyway, I love her novels, and you really have many good writers. Thanks again for the wonderful work you do.

My daughter is a great fun of Harry Potter. She read it and watched the film many times. I was inspired by her to watch the film. It attracts not only children but adults as well. My family always talk going to Britain to see the place where Harry Potter was filmed like Leadenhall Market.