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Music is GREAT - Part 1

Some of the greatest music in the world comes from Britain, and British music is still topping the charts today. Richard visits The Premises recording studio, where many world-famous artists have made music.

Task 1

Which of the following sentences are true?


Task 2

Who has recorded at The Premises?


Task 3

Put the parts of the sentences together.


Task 4

Put the two parts of the phrases together.




Language level

Advanced: C1
Upper intermediate: B2


One of the places we are most proud of in Syria is the opera house, well it is not an opera house in the real meaning. It hosts wide variety of artistic and musical events. Only highly talented people can perform there.
When talking about best musicians in my country, Iyad Alremawi first comes to my mind. The music he composes is just mind blowing. And to be more general I say this music is really good when listening to it makes me skip a breath.
I am a fan of both local and foreign artists of different genres, but I go more for the classics.

In France one of the biggest music event is the "Vieilles Charrues' festival". It's in july, during the summer, in a little town called Carhaix, placed in the center of Brittany.
Most popular music bands and singers have come to this Festival : Muse, Pixies... and, of course, Johnny Halliday

Music - this outpouring of the human soul, for some it is a calm, fun, music may be associated with different events in people's lives. In Russia there are music many festivals, usually held in the summer. "Dobrofest", "Invasion", "Stereoleto", "Kubana" and others, but the largest and expected is 'Sensation', which came from the Netherlands. If we talk about musical preferences, I like both Russian and foreign singers. I like listening to Ed Sheeran, Kodaline, L`One and Polina Gagarina.

Music has always played a great part in our lives. I, for one is a huge music lover. And thankfully, there are a lot of popular musical venues in our country. We have the Cultural Center of the Philippines, Music Museum, Araneta Colisseum, Mall of Asia Arena, Bonifacio Open Field, and a lot more where local and foreign artists can perform. Best musicians for me are those who can captivate my heart. It doesn't matter what genre this musician belongs to, as long as I feel connected to his/her music. Furthermore, I am a fan of both local and foreign artists of different genres. Lately, I'm in the mood for K-POP, but Classical is always my go-to music.

I would like to say this kind of live band is amazing music in uk

I guess the giant egg-shaped National Centre for Performing Arts must be the most famous venue for music in China now. It is not only huge, well-designed, and glamorous, it also looks like floating on water.

Among musicians in my country, I like Wang Feng the most. His songs generally have very catchy tunes. They can occupy in your mind and you're kind of stuck with them, of course in a good way. His lyrics are just powerful. They say what people think, and express your feeling. I like the one called Beijing Beijing the most. I think it resonates with people come from big cities.

I like both foreign and native stars, not all of them, but the ones I like. In my opinion western and Chinese music have some quite profound difference. I don't know exactly what it is. I am no expert on music. But it can be felt. So I like them both, just like I like pop, country, jazz, blues, classic, so on and so forth.

Today, the most popular venue for musical is Mall of Asia Arena but we have a lot. The best musicians around the world is countless but in my opinion are Rolling Stones as mentioned in the video, The Beatles, Bob Marley, Madonna, Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson-they are the people known around the world and they made history in the music industry. I prefer international stars but some of our local artist have already gained popularity around the world example is Lea Salonga as Miss Saigon, as will the new born artists.

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