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Music is GREAT - Part 1

Some of the greatest music in the world comes from Britain, and British music is still topping the charts today. Richard visits The Premises recording studio, where many world-famous artists have made music.

Task 1

Which of the following sentences are true?


Task 2

Who has recorded at The Premises?


Task 3

Put the parts of the sentences together.


Task 4

Put the two parts of the phrases together.




Language level

Advanced: C1
Upper intermediate: B2


This is a very good video. I realized the musical from this video.

In my city Bogota, "Rock al Parque" is the most famous musical event, it's 3 days long but each day has a specific rhythm , for instance on Saturday you can find metal bands, on Sunday you can hear reggae music and on Monday is possible to see alternative rock and rock in Spanish bands.

I think you can guess what my favorite band is, It's very clear! I love the Beatles and I like so much rock music such as Aerosmith, Red Hot Chili Peppers, AC/DC, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, Poison, etc...

When we talk about music, welcome to Serbia, where we have two great festival. One is Exit, international and well known winning award festival in Europe, actually one of the eight major festivals venues in the Europe, where thousands of foreigners come every year in the july. It `s located on Petrovaradin Fortess on the bank of river Dunav, so atmosphere is magic. There `s music for everyone from hip hop, RnB, tehno, rock `n roll etc.
The other one is very different, but no less interesting, trumpet winning award festival venues in Guca, with native, folk music, crazy atmosphere. I think it`s unique in Balcan and wide.
So, maybe we will see some time here on one of the festivals.

the most famous live venue in my country is The River Plare´s Stadium. In my opinion the best musician were the Beatles. I prefer international artists. I like to much the British music like The Smiths, Morrisey, The Cure and David Bowie.

First of all and honestly speaking, I don´t really like the kind of music of  my homeland. Here, native music is played mostly  with harps and quenas (indian flutes), this kind of music is known as Música Andina since it has its roots in the Peruvian Andean region - the highlands.Some of them are of festive atmosphere but generally sad songs. The most nationwide popular song is called "El Condor Pasa". On the other hand there are other genres like Cumbia (here we call it "música chicha"), not of my taste. Another sort of popular music brought from Cuba into my country is Salsa Cubana, which I don't find it that good. As you can tell I prefer foreign musicians, it is plain to see. In few words I love Rock music.
As far as I can tell every one here accounts of a musical festival in his/her country  which is great. As for me, I regret to say that there are no remarkable  musical festivals in my beloved country as to be proud of; Nonetheless every now and them arrive some Rock musicians and R & R bands that once were famous in the 70´s or 80´s  but unfortunately  they are now old  and quite wasted -business is business. I really would have  liked  them to have come to this country when they were in all their splendor and glory and perform with a great deal of energy. As I was saying, once in a while come outstanding and renowned rockers and some so called rock stars.For instance the so called       R & R star Brett Michaels-has any one heard of him?-  who is coming this month for a show.How old are you Brett? Did you just learn there is a country in South America named Perú? Do you really do it for the  show or just for the money? It's ok. anyway I don't really like your music.What I really do enjoy is  listening to musicians such as Joe Satriani who was here some years ago, Jeff Beck, Clapton, King Crimson and so on. I think I would attend each and every one of their concerts even though they were in crutches.
 Peruvian musicians are not that good,however there are some names to mention like Gianmarco who sings "baladas" which is a kind of soft music in Spanish language; Another one is...  I'm sorry,  I think there is no other. But there were. Back in the 70's there was an excellent progressive rock band "Traffic Sound" with an amazing sound. Another one was "Frágil" which music included a flute like that of Jetro Tull's front man Ian Anderson. Oh God, Those were the days!
Bye, bye; See you in... hell or heaven?

What is the most famous musical venue in your country? Who are the best musicians? Do you prefer international stars or local artists?

1) The most famous musical venue on my place is the Philharmonic orchestra found in the heart of manila was establish by the late administration of Pres. Marcos they have a lot of best musician found here in the Philippines but the most I would like is the greatest performer Juan Dela cruz band because of different styles of song by represent of our culture and nature it is very significant and inspiring songs that I had listen.

great information about music

In my country, Rock in Rio is a famous festival, but it's not mixture of kind music. Just play Rock. I like gospel music local and internacional. Jesus Culture is a good band. I love them.

It is a famous festival indeed! I still remember the first edition of that festival back in the 80s, January 1985 to be more accurate, including MUSICIANS such as QUEEN, gerge Benson,James Taylor, ACDC, Al Jarreau, Ozzy, Scorpions, Yes, Whitesnake, Rod Stewart and so on. That was a true concert; today it is  a different story. The last one, this year, included "musicians such as David Getta" #beyonce", "justin timberl..." Ita just terrible and disgusting.

Hi! In Chile we have a very big festival called Festival de Viña del Mar and many famous artists and bands have been part of the show here. It's a great event in my country.