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Music is GREAT - Part 2

Richard's musical journey continues with the opening night of Aida at the Royal Albert Hall. Then it's off to Southampton to find out how great British music is entertaining and helping people from all walks of life.  

Task 1

In what order does Richard do these things?


Task 2

Put the places with their description.


Task 3

Put the two parts of the sentence together.


Task 4

Fill the space with the right preposition.




Language level

Advanced: C1
Upper intermediate: B2


Hello apc,

The form here is [participle + object] and the object is a gerund, which is a verbal noun. Participles are always followed an object and gerunds can be both subjects and objects, as here.

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The LearnEnglish Team

It is really amazing!

Richard is so Funny :) I don't play any musical instruments. when i was a child , I tried to play Piano .It was so much fun but i didn't continue playing and practicing .

When I was a child I had a band and I was the singer.
I don't play any musical instrument.

nice excercise

Hi everyone! Although Im here for the first time,  i loved this  so much! Unfortunately, i can't play any instrument.But i do  love listening to English music and singing(of course when i am alone=)

I love music and always listen to English song. 
This video is very interesting. BTW, I can play the guitar.

I love music, but I can`t play any musical instrument. I sing my favourite songs, but I just do it at home because my voice is terrible. I love sing songs in english to practise my pronunciation.

Richard try evrything...My skills in music are really poor,i try to play and i discovered that is not for me....When i was i child i try to play:guitar,piano,but of all this instrument i play two sticks and trinagle best in my school... 

I like the end of that video.)