Episode 12 - An old friend

Julia doesn't want to meet Sammy's old friends. What is she nervous about?


Sammy: Hi!
Julia: Hi. You're late.
Sammy: Sorry.
Julia: OK, OK. You want to talk about ...
Sammy: Tonight.
Julia: Tonight? The cinema?
Sammy: Yes. Well, no ...
Julia: No?
Sammy: We're not going to the cinema tonight. We are going to Tony's for dinner.
Julia: Erm, Tony? Who is Tony?
Sammy: Ah, Tony. He's an old friend from school. He lives here now. They want us to visit them for dinner tonight.
Julia: They?
Sammy: Yes. Tony and his wife Kate.
Julia: But I don't know them! I ...
Sammy: Don't worry! Tony's a great guy and Kate's brilliant.
Julia: Do they live in the city centre?
Sammy: Yes, they do.
Julia: Where does Tony work?
Sammy: He doesn't work.
Julia: Oh! He doesn't work. What about Kate?
Sammy: She doesn't, either.
Julia: What do they do all day?
Sammy: Lots of things. Tony reads.
Julia: What does he read?
Sammy: Lots of things. Like history!
Julia: Hmm. Interesting. ... Does Tony do any sport?
Sammy: Sports? Yes, he goes fishing.
Julia: Fishing?!
Sammy: Yeah.
Julia: And Kate? Does she go fishing?
Sammy: No, she doesn't. She usually goes out a lot. She's busy.
Julia: Where does she go?
Sammy: To clubs.
Julia: Does she go to these clubs alone?
Sammy: Erm ... well, yes. Well, yes, I think so.
Julia: Erm ... I don't know ...
Sammy: Julia, what's the matter? Tony and Kate are wonderful people. I want you to meet them. And they want to meet you. Kate is a fantastic cook. Her grandchildren ...
Julia: Her grandchildren?! How old is she?
Sammy: 65 ... 68.
Julia: And Tony? How old is Tony?
Sammy: Erm ... A little bit older. About 70.
Julia: You said Tony is a friend from school.
Sammy: He is. Tony's my old science teacher. He's now retired.
Julia: And what about Kate? Does she really go to clubs?
Sammy: Yeah! She goes to walking club, book club ...
Julia: Sammy, you don't explain things very well.
Sammy: Julia, it's not my fault! You never give me the chance! Oh my, I just ...
Julia: OK. So what time is this meal tonight?
Sammy: Seven?

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I have an old friend. He and I were classmates about 40 years ago. He lives in my neighborhood. I often see him in the street.
It hard to say how often do I see my old friends, it depends. Certain friends I see very often in opposite to another friends whom I see once in a while. I'm not friends with any of my old teacher.
I have no news from my former classmates at the university. I really want to know what they've become
I´m not friends with my former teachers but I do see them at some schools because I´m a teacher too.
ı rarely meet my old friends because we are different cities and some of my friends are married, they have children so that they concern their family and they don't have enough time for meeting.
I am friend with my mathematics teacher of secondary school. I meet he during the Christmas.
I often meet my old friends on weekends. We have coffee together. There are some my old teachers, i loved them. Sometimes we meet.
I see them at least once time in a month and we usually meet in a bar or in one of our houses. We're not friends with any of my old teachers.