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Animals Scene 2 Language Focus

Rob and Ashlie have a great time looking into the future...

Task 1

Which way of talking about the future describes each sentence?


Task 2

Complete the sentence using the best future form.


Task 3

What information should you write down when you learn a new word? Put the example information with the type of information.



Language level

Intermediate: B1
Upper intermediate: B2


Now I can see and understand that this is the past. Thank you very much for your explanation.

Thanks for the activity. I would like to have access to the subtitles,Is it possible? I am from Colombia and I want to improve my listening and pronunciation and the subs are very useful for it.
Thanks again

Hello benedetti86,
I'm glad you found the activity useful.  I agree that subtitles or a transcript is a useful way to improve listening and can help with pronunciation, and we try to include transcripts for as many of our audio and video activities as possible.  In fact, Word on the Street episodes have multiple transcripts: you can find a transcript for scene 1, scene 2 and for the wild animals scene, so there's plenty of opportunities for you to work on your listening and pronunciation with a transcript.  This section is focused on grammar more than listening skills so it doesn't have a transcript to go with it.
Good luck with your listening and pronunciation.
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

thanks for this nice programm .

I can't view it!
Maybe it's not working because I'm using galaxy s3
I need help please

Is it the video or the exercises you can't see?
Do you have access to a computer that you can test the page on, so we can check if the problem is your Galaxy or something else?
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

Hello everyone, I am happy to study English with British council web site, that's helps me to learn better  

I couldn't answer question number 5 correctly. Can you please tell me how should we decide weather "b" is correct or "c"? It's true that the second person is answering right away with no previous plans but when the term "definitely" is being used,I think it means that the person planing it for the future.Also we can think of it as another point of view : the man is promising. I really confused

Hi Ali,

-since he is promising ,we'd better use will,
-" be going to " is used for the plan or in Persian means "gharare ke"
I hope it clarifies you


Do not pay too much attention to the word definitely. It is used here as a synonym to of course