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Blackpool Scene 1

Stephen and Ashlie visit the seaside town of Blackpool and have a go on some of the rides at the Pleasure Beach theme park.

Do the Preparation task first. Then watch the video. Next go to Task and do the activity. If you need help, you can read the Transcript at any time.

Task 1

Comprehension Task

Read the questions and select the right answers.


Task 2

Comprehension Task 2

Read the questions and select the right answers.



Language level

Intermediate: B1


can i get some calls from different learn english so as to improve my english? am just at a beginner level. wish u blessed time

Do we have right to download those videos?

Dear Amitahb,
I'm afraid these videos can only be watched on the site, as we don't have copyright permission to make them available for download.
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

hi i can not download this video, plz help me

i can download this video

i m new in this site, basicly i m urdu speaker but i want learn english,
questin is this. how wil start learning?meas which one lession

Hello asi-h-2007
Welcome to LearnEnglish!
There is a lot to choose from on our site, so I am sure you will find it really useful.
Could you tell me a little about your English study please? What are your English language goals? Which skills and language points would you like to practice and develop?
Let me know and I will be happy to make some suggestions for exercises and activities to suit you.
In the meantime why not just try out a few different exercises and games to see how you get on. You may like to listen to Elementary Podcasts for listening, or play some grammar games or vocabulary games.
All the best
The LearnEnglish Team

can i download this clip.....if it;s possible..
how do i can download this?

Can I download a video clip? If I can. please tell me what to do. Thanks all

I'm afraid that we can't make this series of videos available for downloading. We don't have copyright permission to do that.
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team