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Farming Scene 1

Stephen and Ashlie have trouble finding their way and Ashlie has a bit of a fright.

Do the first two Tasks while watching the video, then try Task 3. If you need help, you can read the Transcript at any time.


Think about the following questions:

  • Have you ever got lost while driving in the country?
  • How might you feel if you were lost in the forest at dusk?

Watch Stephen and Ashlie trying to find their way to a farm in the country.


Stephen: [talking to cows]

Ashlie: Stephen. Will you help me? I think we're here and we need to be there.

Stephen: Let me see. No, we're here and we should be there. We should have turned left back there.

Ashlie: We've come away to the countryside for a weekend on a farm, but we're having a bit of trouble finding it.

Stephen: No, we aren't, Ash. That has to be it there. We need to turn left back there. Come on, jump in.

Ashlie: Why won't it start?

Stephen: I don't know.

Ashlie: Did you put any petrol in the car?

Stephen: No. I thought you were going to put petrol in the car.

Ashlie: No. You said you were going to put petrol in the car. Oh, this is hopeless. We'll have to walk. This is your fault, Stephen.



Stephen: Hang on, there's something coming. We can get a lift.

Ashlie: Hey! Excuse me.

Farmhand: Hello there.

Stephen: Do you know where Strawberry Farm is?

Farmhand: Yes, I'm going in that direction. Hop on!

Ashlie: Thanks.


Farmhand: Go straight down there, along the path and across the field.

Ashlie: Great. Thank you very much.


Stephen: It can't be much further, can it? I'm getting really hungry.

Ashlie: Keep going.

Stephen: What are you eating?

Ashlie: Hmm? Oh. Blackberries. There are loads of them. These are really delicious. I love blackberries.

Stephen: We should get going. Before it gets dark.


Ashlie: Stephen, this is horrible. Arrgh! What was that? I think I just stood in something. It smells terrible. I think it might be...

Stephen: Ashlie, stop moaning! We're going round in circles. We should go that way.

Ashlie: We're completely lost, aren't we? What if we don't find it?

Stephen: What was that?

Ashlie: It's just an owl, Stephen.

Stephen: I hate the countryside. Let's get out of here. Look, there's a light over there.

Ashlie: Stephen!

Stephen: What?

Ashlie: Look over there. There's someone in the field. What are they doing there? I'm scared. Hello! Excuse me!

Stephen: Why is he ignoring us? 

Ashlie: I don't know. This is weird. I'm scared, Stephen.

Stephen: Let's walk a little faster. Come on, Ash!


Farmer: You must be Stephen and Ashlie. What's happened to you?

Ashlie: Quick! Let us in! There's a strange man outside.

Stephen: Let me in!


Language level

Intermediate: B1


First question
-Have you ever got lost in the country while driving in the country?
Well, I don't like driving a lot so I tend to avoid using my car is it is possible. In addition, I drive just to well known places because I would be scared if I got lost. When I don't know the place well, I prefer using the public transport o walking.
Could someone correct my answer if there are mistakes?
Thank you very much!

Hi there. is there any way to download these videos ?

Hello fateme s,

I'm afraid that our videos are not available for download for legal reasons. Sorry!

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

Hello teacher,

In this video, Stefan says "I thought you were going to put petrol in the car".
Why dont he say " I thought you put petrol in the car". I dont know why he uses "were going" in this sentence. Please explain it to me.

Many thanks,

Hello thaivan,

Both sentences are correct and mean more or less the same thing. The 'you put' form simply shows that Stephen thought Ashlie had got petrol for the car. The  'you were going to' form is a bit more specific – Stephen implies that Ashlie said she was going to put petrol in the car. The implication is that it's her fault that they've run out of petrol.

Does that make sense?

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team