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History Scene 2

Ashlie and Jay Marie have afternoon tea and Stephen and Tristan take a tour of Elizabeth Tower and listen to a famous bell.

Watch the video. Then go to Task and do the activities. If you need help, you can read the Transcript at any time.


Think about the following questions: 

  • Which towns or cities would you most like to visit as a tourist?
  • To which interesting places would you take a visitor to your city or country?

Watch as Stephen takes Tristan to see Big Ben.



Ashlie: OK. So, what time is it?

Stephen: I don’t know. I don’t have a watch.

Tristan: Ah. It’s almost one o’clock.

Stephen: OK, here’s the plan. Ashlie and Jay Marie, you two are going to go and have afternoon tea. And Tristan, why don’t you and I go up Big Ben?

Tristan: Err, Stephen I don’t think you just ‘go up’ Big Ben.

Stephen: You can if you’ve booked.

Tristan: Brilliant! I’ve always wanted to go up there!

Stephen: OK. And we’ll meet back here later.

Ashlie: Have a good time!

Jay Marie: See you guys! Bye!

Stephen: Bye!

Wow! I can’t wait for this… Wow! Come on, I’ll race you. 31, 32, 33, 34. 35, 36...

98, 99, 100. This is harder than I thought. You all right, Tristan?

Tristan: Stephen! I’m up here! Hurry up, slow coach!


Jay Marie: Oh, this is lovely, Ashlie! I’ve always wanted a traditional English afternoon tea.

Ashlie: Yes, it’s nice, isn’t it? Though we don’t do it every day.

Jay Marie: Really? I thought afternoon tea was a meal for you. Breakfast, lunch, tea?

Ashlie: Well, actually, it’s a bit confusing. Some people call ‘lunch’ ‘dinner’ and ‘dinner’ ‘tea’ but not like afternoon tea like this. And then of course, there’s the tea that you drink.

Jay Marie: Hmm. You’ll have to explain it to me later. This looks delicious.


Stephen: Wow! Look, you can see all the clock faces.

Guide: So here we are now in the clock room. This is called the chime train. It governs the four chime bells, which play the Westminster chimes. We all know the tune: ding dong ding dong. You’re all familiar with that. Well, that’s what’s going to play now.

So here we are. The bells themselves. And that bell there is Big Ben himself.

Tristan: I thought the tower was called Big Ben?

Guide: No, it’s just the name of the bell.

Stephen: Yes, in fact the tower is called the Elizabeth Tower.

Guide: That’s right. And watch out, guys, the bells are going to ring any second now.


Ashlie: Hey, wow! It’s already three o’clock. I bet it’s loud where Stephen is. Let me call him.

Stephen: Hello, Ashlie. I can’t hear you. It’s really loud up here. Oh, that was cool. Can you hear the bells from where you are?

Ashlie: Err, no. Are you having fun?

Stephen: Yeah, the stairs were really hard work but it’s really interesting from up here. Oh, the tour’s moving on. See you later.

Ashlie: OK, Bye… Bye.

Jay Marie: More sandwiches?

Ashlie: Oh, go on then.


Tristan: Stephen, we’re running out of time. We need to head off and meet the girls.

Stephen: OK. Wait a second. There’s just one thing I’ve always wanted to do.


Jay Marie: You guys are so lucky to be living in London. So many beautiful buildings to see.

Ashlie: Yeah, we love it here. I just wish we had more time to enjoy the city, instead of working all the time.

Ashlie: I wonder how Stephen and Tristan are getting on? They should be down by now.

Jay Marie: Hey, Ashlie! What’s that?

Ashlie: Hmm – I'm not sure. Stephen?!

Stephen: Ashlie!!!

Task 1

Choose one or more name(s) to answer the questions.


Task 2

Watch the video again. Complete the extracts with the correct information.


Task 3

Complete the extracts from the videos with the correct time adverbials.



Language level

Intermediate: B1


Hello legioner,

'all', which is a quantifier, can be used before a plural noun (e.g. 'all bells'), before 'the' and a plural noun (e.g. 'all the bells') and before a more specific quantifier and plural noun (e.g. 'all four bells'), but does not come after 'the' (e.g. it is incorrect to say 'the all bells'). As you can see, it can take a little practice to learn to use 'all' correctly!

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

Hello Nizam,

That was a mistake! I've now fixed the sentence so that it has 'to visit' instead of just 'visit'. Thanks for pointing this out. I'm sorry for any confusion it may have caused you.

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