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A limb from Lego

It's amazing what you can build out of Lego. But … an arm?! This video shows us that anything is possible …

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Nivel de idioma

Upper intermediate: B2


I think that the invention is a fantastic idea: cheap, useful, and can potentially help many people all around the world.

To me David's device is a breed of sophisticated development that's amazing and it's welcome. I would built car out of Lego.

He is amazing. What he has achieved is just fantastic. Not the physical barriers, but the mental barriers are what stopping a person from achieving something. Coming to me, i haven't heard the word Lego in the past. Now, i'll see what can i do with it.

I think that every thing is possible if you had the motivation

David's artificial device is impressive, because, he built it with one hand and it seems very useful and functional. It is obvious that he has obvious creative skills and inventor soul by seeing his excellent device.

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