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All my happy friends

How well do social media posts show real life? What is the impact of social media posts on how we feel about our lives? Watch this thought-provoking short film by Paul Howard Allen on the topic of social media and mental health.

Do the preparation task first. Then watch the video and do the exercise. Remember you can read the transcript at any time.


Woman1: Yeah, they were smashed. Dave stole this hat from a hen party, nearly got into a fight. Yeah, that was a washout. Never mind.

Woman2: This shot shows how much I’m enjoying being a mother. I’m really treasuring every little moment. And here we all are ... all together … a family.

Man1: It’s just a typical Tuesday meal for us. It shows how healthy and balanced my life is. Made it myself.

Woman3: This photo clearly shows how advanced Millie is. I mean, writing up to five, at her age, is incredible.

Woman4: I mean, look at that beach! That’s what you call white sand, isn't it?

[singing] Three, two, one … Happy New Year!

Woman5: What a New Year’s! If next year is half as good as this one has been, then ...

Woman1: I just don’t know why I’m feeling like this.

[baby crying]
Woman1: This is the life, nothing better than relaxing with a takeaway over New Year’s. Oh, what a night! Another typical evening for me, clearly enjoying myself but then that’s the sort of fun, carefree life I lead.

[baby crying]

[singing] People tell me how I’m a-losing my mind but I tell people you just in my car. Oh, time moves faster than me, can’t you see all this job you been working I’ve been a-running free.

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Actually, in my opinion , happy people don't have time to post their moments, they are always busy with interesting things than social media. Even me, when I am bored or I have no mood , I start chatting , watching someone's posted pictures and so on.
(sorry for grammar mistakes, I am a new learner)

Social media is an open platform for every one.any one can post any thing what ever they like or not.specially people have posted their happy moments on social media in public page or their friend pages.i thinks we should not take as serious when I have seen public images or friends posting in social media.we should take as a fun and should not compare with own life.

I've appreciated this video , it brightly shows how social media can make us feeling jealous about the other's life. We naturally tend to make comparisons between us and the other people and social media drives this tendency to an extreme level. Let's take facebook, the platform it's projected to make people interact through the creation of stories. It's not a case that the user's personal page it's called ''diary''. Every person on facebook create his story, a story made of photos that are usually taken in funny, happy, memorable moments (as the video shows). All this pictures give an image of who someone is but we never have to forget that what we see on facebook it's just a collection of pleasant moments of someonelse's life and not represent the reality of it, doesn't describe his personality either.
Life and people are so much more than what we can see on social media.

Especially Talking about posted photos, it happens sometimes that a post makes me feel jealous and dissatisfied because i would like to do the same thing as a friend does in that post. Othertimes i feel sad and my life doesn't seem so good if compared to the one of the others. In these moments i start to think about what i've read before, that is the fact that what we see it's just a little selected part of the story, not the whole thing.

I really agree with lucihao post. I think that we haven't to give too much importance to what we see or read in social media posts.

Actually, I think those who really have a nice life do not often post on the social media.

Very good texts I am so happy!