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Amazing DIY orang-utans

Orang-utans use sticks to catch insects, but do you think they would use human tools? Watch this video and find out!

Do the preparation task first. Then watch the video and do the exercise. Remember you can read the transcript at any time.


Presenter (David Attenborough): You might think that this orang-utan is washing socks as some kind of circus trick for which she has been specially trained, but not so. She is doing this entirely on her own initiative. She has seen others doing it and she's copying. And that ability to imitate as well as to use tools is something which started among monkeys but has been brought to a much greater level among the apes. And those two talents were ultimately to lead to the transformation of the world.  

Camp Leakey in Borneo is home to a special group of orangs who have been rescued from captivity and returned to the wild. Because they've lived partly in our world as well as theirs they can give us an insight into what we have in common. This old lady loves DIY. So does her son, who was born in the wild. Even her infant is interested. It's very striking when you sit as close to an orang-utan as this, to see how similar they are to human beings. We are both, of course, great apes. But look how human her hand is, the skill with which she picks things up, the way that she can grasp a tool like that. The way she uses her brain to imitate what she's seen others doing. But the most important thing we share is our big brain. It's that that has produced so many of the talents and abilities that we have in common.





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This is an unique video, I am indonesian but I had never seen like this before.

I only see orang-utan in movies never in the real life although I'd love to. After watching this video I wondered what is the difference between apes and monkeys and here what I found: Apes don't have a tail while monkeys do.
Apes tend to be larger in size and have a larger brains than monkeys.
Apes live longer than monkeys.
however what I found very interesting for me is that both apes and monkies can move among trees by a f=different ways so, monkeys uses their four limbs like cats and dogs, while apes using only their arms so they are more like humans or we're more like them, if we put in our consideration Darwen theory which stated that humans are driven from apes..not monkeys.
the last thing I want to mention is the communication, monkeys can communicate with each other while apes can use sign and body language to communicate with people they also can solve problems in their environment.

I m crazy about animals. It was my favorite topic. The information was interesting too

Although monkeys aren't my favourite animal I find the clip about orang-utans interesting. I saw monkeys but no orang-utans. I always enjoy watching reports animals

I don,t have comment.