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Animals Scene 1

Ashlie goes for an interview - but her interviewer is more interested in someone else!


Language level

Intermediate: B1
Upper intermediate: B2


hi to all of you iam new  to this site it is realy usefull site thanks to the team work

Omg! I saw myself in this VDO. I was standing in the front of Comptons of Soho at that time. I went back to my country two years ago. When did you make this VDO? Anyway, I've really missed London.

Two weeks ago, i asked a question but until know nobody answer me. I said again. please, is it possible you located the video file in your site and we download these files to our pc and then we watching and use it? its useful to whom they can not watch the video online. thank you

Hello Alireza123!
I answered your question just below, two weeks ago. As I said then, for legal reasons, we are not allowed to make these Word on the Street videos downloadable. We know this makes it difficult for people who want to watch videos offline, and we are sorry about it, but they are copyright videos.
Sorry to disappoint you!
Jeremy Bee
The LearnEnglish Team

Hello learnenglish team
Thank you so much for arranging such a fabulous learning Website with full of diverse learning materials. 
But I am facing problem to watch video. Is that my computer's problem or your website restricted for my region?

Hello Mukhor,
Thanks for your nice comment!
I haven't heard of users in Bangladesh being unable to watch our videos, but I can't be sure. Are you able to try using another computer, perhaps one at your school or work? That way you should be able to see whether the problem is with your computer or not.
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

Hello, I cant see videos !! Also I clicked on the video on " Can't see video? Click here" but i was unsuccessful. please find a solution for us. thank you.

I'm sorry to hear that you can't see the videos. Can you see the interactive exercises above the PDF link? What web browser are you using?
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

I am using form Firefox browser.
kindly requested, is it possible to located the audio and/or video of all your lessons, in case of downloadable files in order for some persons whom can not directly load  from internet in your web site. file in chapters " Big city small word". And/ or you allocate a facilities in your web site, we using a command in your site and select some files, then the system email to our email box our selelcted files?
thank you

Hello Alireza!
I'm afraid not all our videos are available for download. This is for copyright reasons.
However, you can download our audio files directly from the page. For example, for Big City Small World Episode 1, you can see a link underneath the audio that says "Download audio 1.6MB (right click & save)" Right click with your mouse, and choose "Save link as...", and you can save the audio to your computer.

Your suggestion is interesting, but not really technically possible, I'm afraid - although we are trying to improve our accessibility for all of our visitors!
Jeremy Bee
The LearnEnglish Team