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Animals Scene 1

Ashlie goes for an interview - but her interviewer is more interested in someone else!


Language level

Intermediate: B1
Upper intermediate: B2


Hi, there.I liked  this video.Your Pyoppy is so cute, Ashlie.Bye-bye.

Thank you so much for this site! It's so generous that you let all the people have language practice if they have motivation to improve their English.

Dear Friends,
Thank you so much to create such web site which is so useful to learn English, but unfortunately , I could not completely understand the words of the video between two actors, how can I get improved on it.

Hello Hosein!
Don't worry – listening to native speakers can be difficult! First, you don't need to understand every word when you're listening. See if you can do the comprehension tasks after watching the first time. Then, you can watch again. This time, use the transcript (click on the link, or download it)  to help you understand new words. Use our Cambridge Online Dictionary to help with new words. I always tell my students learning to listen can be very slow – and the key thing is practice. For more practice, do the same thing with our Elementary Podcasts. Do a little every day, and your English will improve.
Good luck!
Jeremy Bee
The LearnEnglish Team

this is the first video i watch after my's really interesting. i learned a lot of words and expressions...i wish i continue like this. thanks for your efforts.

This video is interesting. It's easy to hear. That's great because people there love pets so much. I had an English teacher when I was at school she was always eager to talk about her lovely dog.

Hey everyone!
                             I'm new this site.I've been trying to download the above video but failed.Could anybody help me out to download it.Thanks in advance

I'm not sure if you are talking about watching the video on LearnEnglish or downloading it to your own computer. The first is possible, the second is not something we allow. Could you explain exactly what you want to do?
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

I like Chrise Rose story! Good English... Very interesting.