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Big Meal Scene 1

Stephen and Ashlie visit Chinatown to look for some cooking tips.

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Intermediate: B1
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I prefer to make my own food at home, because I know exactly what is in my food. For me, restaurants are places that are meant for celebrations. Also eating at home is more comfortable than in restaurants. Cooking makes me feel good and i can be proud of myself if i create a masterpiece. But i don't dislike eating in pleasant restaurant with good staff, because the meal usually taste very good and is quickly prepared. In Austria we have a lot of different foreign food. Chinese and Italian food is very popular in our country. I personally like the Italien food very much. But every taste is different.

I think variety is the best choice. I really like cooking my own food, but going to a nice restaurante with friends or family is also really enjoyable. If I would have to decide between those two, I would coose eating at home.

We have a lot of different food cultures in Austria like, American fastfood restaurants such as McDonalds, Burgerking or KFC. We also have a lot of Chinese and Italian as well as some Indian and Mexican restaurants in our country.

I prefer eating at home because I like cooking my food myself so I can make it just the way I like it. Eating at home is also cheaper and healthier over all.
In Austria is the Chinese food the moste common than comes the Italian and the Greek. I prefere the Chinese because I love Duck.

I prefer to eat at home, because it is important to know how to cook and maybe one time you live alone and then you can't cook. But after a long day at school i enjoy it to go in a restaurant and don't have to cook for myself. At the weekend the most of the time I eat at home, because i invite a friend and then we grill and drink a little bit beer.
I'm living in Austria and we have really much various eating cultures. We have the east with Chinese, India, Turkie and much more. From the south we have the Italian, Croatia and we have the American Steak and Burgers from the west. I love the American food.

In my opinion, cooking yourself is an important activity that will continue to be useful in the future.

Restaurants are nice places to have a good time with people or to celebrate something. It is clear that you do not have to cook anything yourself in restaurants and it is also quickly made and tastes delicious.
But creating something yourself is still a different feeling, according to my own experience. That's why I prefer to cook my own food.
If it has to be fast, I prefer to go to an Austrian restaurant.
Although I really appreciate the variety.

All in all, Austria is a multicultural country and that's wonderful.

Although I really like eating in restraunts, I would prefer to eat at home. My Mom always makes fresh food with fresh ingredients and eating her dishes always releases a feeling of nostalgia and happiness.
Here in Austria there also are restraunts which show the food of foreign cultures. For example here in Austria we have a lot Asian and Chinese food restraunts, we have also got a lot classic fast food restraunts (like McDonalds etc.). We have also got restraunts with traditional Austrian food like Wiener Schnitzel and other delicous dishes.
I still think that the most popular foreign food comes from Italy. Everybody loves Pizza.

I prefer eating my meals at home because you have your private room and as much time as you want to do so. I also think it´s funnier to cook by myself or with the company of my friends. I enjoy learning new receipts and try to get better if it flops for the first time. I think restaurants are a nice thing if you´re going out and want to spend your time with something fancier. If I had to choose I would prefer Chinese and Italian restaurants because I love their food. Besides, Mexican and Turkish food is common in Austria as well.

I prefer to eat at home because it gives me more options. Overall I like cooking and I enjoy it. For this I have a rather specific taste and prefer to season the food myself. By cooking myself, I also have an influence on the products from which I will make the dish, their quality and freshness. The only thing that sometimes speaks for eating out is the cost and time of preparation. I don't always have these minimum 2 hours to cook. Another plus is that you don't have to worry about washing dishes after all. Meals are often bought in disposable packaging. Personally, I recommend eating at home after all. It can often be better for our health and you can have fun preparing food.

I personally prefer to eat at home because I think that the food at home tastes better than in some restaurants. My family and I don't go to restaurants very often, although there are good ones in our region.
In Austria you can eat nearly everything. I think that Chinese and Italian food are the most popular foreign foods.

I prefer to eat in a restaurant, because you don't have to do any things. The waiter asks you which food you want to have and then it gets cooked for you. It's very comfortable if you are too lazy to cook on your own. Of course it's more expensive than cooking at home but there is no need to do anything.
In my country, in Austria there is a lot of foreign food: Greek, Turkish, Mexican, Italian and also Chinese. That's very good because you can taste everything you want. My personal favourite food is Greek, it taste very different and there is always something that you haven't eaten yet.