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Big Meal Scene 1

Stephen and Ashlie visit Chinatown to look for some cooking tips.

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Language level

Intermediate: B1
Upper intermediate: B2


I prefer always eating in restaurants but in reality I cook at home most time and some time we go to the restaurant and eat delicious pizza or sandwich.
In Tunisia the popular food is couscous it comes from wheat and it comes with fish, meat, chicken or vegetables it is my favorite dish.

I prefer homemade food, but I have a lot of business to do. I try to cook in the home during the week but regularly we go to the restaurant at the weekends.
The popular food in my country is Italian food such as pizza, pasta, Caesar salad.

I usually like to eat at home because home foods are healthier and more delicous. In fact my mother always cook, so we are not interested in going out for eating, but sometimes it is good to go out and try new foods. I usually go out to eat with my friends when we want to meet together.
I like Italian food , I don't like Chinese food, I tried sushi and don't like the taste, but some people in my country really enjoy of eating Chinese food. Chinese eating everything raw I don't like the tast I rather everything cooked well and don't like meats the way they eat . They eat everything. When I was at China I really couldn't eat their food. When they bring their food you could imagine the animal in your plate. I eat fish or shrimp when they well cooked not in Chinese way.

I usually eat at home. Sometimes my family and I go to restaurant at weekend. In my country, there are many foreign food from Japan, China, Korea, Italy,....

I like both ways to eat. When i am at work i usually eat at restaurant because not time to return at home. At weekend i eat at home. We have various kinds of food from many countries like: Chinese Japanese italian Europe. The foreign foods which are popular in my country is Japanese food

In my country, the most popular food is Chinese-Peruvian food (also known as chifa). Another food which is popular is Italian food, especially pizza. I like it a lot.

In my country people mostly prefer traditional meal. From other cuisines are popular asian (shawarma), italian (pizza) and japanese (suchi, rolls) ones.


I eat out in a restaurant with pleasure, because proffesional food is very delicious. Though, I cook well too. So I like both.
In my country Ukraine sushi has become popular recently.