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Big Meal Scene 1

Stephen and Ashlie visit Chinatown to look for some cooking tips.

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Hi there.
I prefer eating at home .Because at home prapere by me ,my self .I taht case i m sure that they are fresh new.But sometimes ,i also go to the restaurant
I our country Italy ,Georgian foods are popular.

Hello, Team.
Help me solve this problem, please.
1. "Stephen and Ashlie visit Chinatown looking for some cooking tips".
What is the reason you use Verb+ing form for 'looking for' instead of 'to look for' in the sentence?
As I've noticed that 'visit' is one of some verbs followed by 'to infinitive'.

2. Ashlie : ... Come on, Let's finish the shopping .....
'Finish' is one of verbs followed by Gerund ( 'Verb+ing' acts as a Noun). In this Ashlie's case, do we have to add the article 'the' or we could have omitted it?
Do you say :
- Let's finish singing
- Let's finish the singing
Would you like to explain, please?
Thank you in advance.

Hello Nizam,

As for 1, that's very observant of you! I think the idea here was that Stephen and Ashlie visit Chinatown while looking for some cooking tips, but it would clearer to use an infinitive form here. I will change that -- thanks for pointing this out!

As for 2, 'shopping' is a noun here. If 'the' were omitted, then it would be the -ing form used after the verb 'finish' (which is also the case with your example 'let's finish singing'). In this case, there is no real difference in meaning between 'finish the shopping' and 'finish shopping', but it's more common to use 'shopping' as a noun here. 'singing', however, is not a commonly used noun, so 'let's finish singing' is the best form to use.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

I would love to eat in the restaurant now and then but i eat more at home because it's cheaper. In Romania we don't have so many different types of food because we don't have so many immigrants but you can find for example the turkish kebap.

Some of the popular foreign food in my country Jordan are for example pasta pizza burgers and chinese food.

I prefer eating at home in general, but if a good classy restaurant is available why not to try some dishes there?

I love cooking and I like eating.
I try to find some different recipes from other countries but I like making french dishes, cause it's my homeland. On the other hand, I often use curry and spices of some kind, consequence of my stay in La Reunion Island between 1978 and 1990.

I prefer to eat in a restaurant and to have a good time with my friends. You know, you dont have to prepare the meal, and you are more relaxed. However sometimes I prepare the meals at our gastronomic society -very tipical in Basque Country- and I enjoy very much when I see all my family and friends enjoying the meal.

What do you do to celebrate your birthday?
Some times we go out with friends to dance, eat and share a cake with candles and of course we sing "happy birthday" in English and Spanish. Children celebrate their birthday with a "piñata" with candies and a cake as well.
Sometimes I cook but I am not good in that.

I usually celebrate my birthdays with my family, until a few years ago we celebrate it with little parties for me, my family and some of my close friends but now they moved to different places ,so I celebrate it with my family. I like to cook and enjoy trying unusual food, accept Chinese foods unfortunately.