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Paris Scene 1 Language Focus

Rob and Stephen talk about the best ways to learn a language, then look at make and do.


Language level

Intermediate: B1
Upper intermediate: B2


It is so difficult to spell the words in a correct way. As the video says Practice, it is the only way. Thank you.

Hi LearnEnglish Team !
Could you help me transcribe some French Rob and Stephen speak at the start and the end of this video ? I think learning some French must be fun.

Hello VuThang,

I'm afraid my French is not good enough! Perhaps one of our other users can help you.

Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team

hello everybody

Great advice Rob's put here! I did learn a lot from my mistakes in the past and also have made some progress when I continue practising speaking and writing in English. I love English culture to bits!

Good advice , I am doing my best in learning English and I am making progress. Thanks Rob

i can't understand any expressions i put in display.

1-(e.g. 1.00--e.g. 1.08) you don't need in english speaking enxt you to practise... then you have to go speaking like ypou're in the restaurant.
2- (e.g.1.30-1.46) you use anything...................perhaps it's always good to try and speak pray make a quite load mistakes, it doesn't matter . you have to make mistakes when you learn a lunguage , it's learn and wea......

i'm making an effort to improve my skill listening, but i have a lot of troubles yet,

may anyone give me a further adivices.

thank you very much indeeed.


Hi rosario70,

Here are the sentences you asked about:

1. "You don't need an English speaker next to you to practise. And then you had a go at speaking, like here in the restaurant."

2. "Use anything that will help, but it's always good to try and speak. -But I made quite a lot of mistakes. -It doesn't matter, you have to make mistakes when you're learning a language. It's part of how you learn, and the waiter understood what you wanted."

The key to improving your listening is to do it as much as possible. Do you feel you're making progress? These Word on the Street episodes are great for listening practise, and there are also the Elementary Podcasts and Big City Small World, which have complete transcripts that you can read when you don't understand what is said.

Best wishes,

The LearnEnglish Team

Thank you Peter!!

Hello Peter, its me Aaron, i just want to ask if what's the difference of practise to practice? Thank you!!