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York Scene 1

Stephen and Ashlie drive north to York. Stephen surprises Ashlie with a Roman ring - and a museum she actually likes!

Do the Preparation task first. Then watch the video. Next go to the Tasks and do the activities. If you need help, you can read the Transcript at any time.

Task 1

Task 2

Task 3

'I thought we could....' is a way of making a polite suggestion. 




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Intermediate: B1
Upper intermediate: B2


can you friend with me

So interesting ! It's first time I know about this place
But I don't know way l can't do the task .. and what ( task ) mean exactly ?

Hello zahra1234!
Glad you're enjoying the site so far! Task just means exercise - and you should be able to see a series of exercises in the green tabs. What do you mean when you say you can't do the tasks - that you don't understand, or that the tasks aren't there? Let me know, and I will try to help!
Jeremy Bee
The LearnEnglish Team

i am happy to visit ''YORK'' in free of cost by watching this video.

I have not been in York, for this reason I don not more things about there. But, I think this program will help us to know much more about there.
I rather go to museum, because I like to know much more things about the past decades. when I am watching a historical painting I imagine that I am in the same time that painting was painted and I dream to live with the people that there is inside it. I make a fantasia in my mind. 
history is the opposite point of the future. if someone don not know about own history, he/she will not understand his/her future. 
I like to know more about our ancestors and first human. museum help us and give us more information to know about the past. 
I like kind of dress museum. the museum which say and show us something about the kind of dressing and clothes that last people had. I have seen one of dress museum in Florence. It was amazing! there was some clothes that they come back to thousand years ago. some of them are going to be destroyed. but, by the creative methods, they are going to protect them for the future years.
When I am in other country or historical city I like to see just the famous and historical sights museums and towers buildings and monumental...we can do our shopping in our city! we have much time for doing shopping, but when we are in one place we must to enjoy the visiting the new place, we should not waste our time in shopping.

Hello Sohula,
Thanks for the very interesting comment. I feel the same way you do about museums.
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

Can I download the videos ?

I'm afraid for copyright reasons we can't make these videos available to download.
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

I want to ask how way I get these lesson mp3 

Hello ameera!
I'm glad you like our materials enough to want to download them! Unfortunately, for copyright reasons, Word on the Street is not available for download. However, you can download some of our other materials, like our Elementary Podcasts. Just go to the page and click 'Downloads and materials'.
Enjoy the rest of the site!
Jeremy Bee
The Learn English Team