¿Qué le dices a tu novio si se la pasa holgazaneando por toda la casa?

Haz primero la actividad de ‘Preparación’. Después observa el video.  Luego ve a ‘Actividad’ y procede a realizarla. Si necesitas ayuda, puedes leer la ‘Transcripción’ en cualquier momento.



Language level

Intermediate: B1


I could not have a slob girlfriend. I'm a very work-person and I would have to have a woman like me, because I think that you have to find someone that help you grow and you can help her/his too and you grow together besides is too annoying to have to treat with slob people.
Regarding to the other question, I enjoy the video, It was funny. In my opinion all these videos are very useful to people who are learning english, it helps you to improve your listening skills.

I laughed a lot with this video; the guy there is so funny, specially when he said "later" that remembers me my brothers.

Muy first time, first excersice aré good