Tess & Ravi

Tess y Ravi conversan sobre la ciudad más famosa en el Reino Unido. ¡Pienso que sé cuál es! Rob y Adam leen tus comentarios sobre las redes sociales.

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Have you been to London? Did you like it? What do you know - or think - about London?


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Intermediate: B1


I like this site a lot. I'm sure I'm going to develop my listening skill very soon.

I from Mexico, I would like go to London :P

what was stopping you going in london? me i know

best of luck

Thanks!! i'm just need money and so, hehehe I know play guitar, do you think I can survive with my guitar?

hahaha cheers!

i want to speak english fluently and to learn business letter writing

Hello bushera.sham,

Have you tried out Professionals Podcasts? You can find them at (http://learnenglish.britishcouncil.org/en/professionals-podcasts). There are episodes on all kinds of business topics, including, for example, writing a CV (http://learnenglish.britishcouncil.org/en/professionals-podcasts/advice-...).

To improve your speaking, the most important thing you can do is to practise. Try to find a partner with whom you can practise, such as a friend or colleague who is also learning English, and to practise regularly with them. You can also use our audio and video materials (http://learnenglish.britishcouncil.org/en/listen-and-watch) as models, using the transcripts and speaking along with the recordings to develop speed and fluency. Finally, you can speak English by yourself at home, which might seem like a strange thing to do but which is, in fact, a great way to develop fluency and confidence.

I hope those suggestions are helpful.

Best wishes,

The LearnEnglish Team

I can teach you.


Thank you very much for the time and effort you have put in providing these materials for us. I have been trying to find where I may post my questions but unfortunately I have not come up with anything yet, so I would be grateful if you could help me with that. I also have a question but it is totally irrelevant to your post, so if you don't mind I would write it down you here.

Thank you,

Hi Sina,

Thanks for your kind words - it's always great to hear that our users appreciate our work.

Here in the comments area is where you can ask your questions. We prefer questions to be relevant to the page they are asked on, but if you cannot find an appropriate page, we'd rather you ask the question than not ask it!

We hope to hear from you again soon.

Best wishes,

The LearnEnglish Team

Any body like to friendship with me ?