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Horror films

Listen to Mel talking about why she loves horror films and which ones she prefers.

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I think people like horror films because they are very excentric and gives us a funny reaction. We can't stay stopped watching these type of movies... They can be frightening and it's an adventure to watch them!
My favorite genre is drama and violence, I like when a movie make a difference in my life, you know... I like to stay thinking about it when the movie ended.
I already have watched two Hitchcock's films: Birds abd Psycho. I liked them both, but I think I prefer Psycho. For me, psychological films are more scary them thriller movies... I don't like that strange creatures we saw on the screems, like zombies and monsters. They are funny and not scary.
I loved this audio lesson <3

drama and violence, BRAZIL IS THERE!

Have you ever seen the "Saw" series? I have been a hardcore fan of these movies, though the plots and special effects of the latter ones are not as stunning as the first & second one.
The scene of a lady falling into a big hole full of syringes and needles made me could not sleep well for a few nights

Well, the first time I heard this listening it was kind of difficult to me to understand it because there were some words new for me, so I listened over and over again. I realized I've seen almost all the films are mentioned here lol.
I really like horror films. My favourite horror film is "Physco" which was based on the 1959 novel of the same name by Robert Bloch. I also like "Wrong turn" which is about disfigured cannibalistic mountain men who murderer people to eat them later. They are hideous. I don't know why I like it because it's really disgusting the way they kill their victims. I like zombie movies too.
This is my favourite listening so far.
Regards from México

The way that you think about horror films is really nice but I don't like horror films because I'm afraid of watching that kind of movies. After watching horror films it is really uncomfortable for me to sleep at night. Although I enjoyed the audio and I learned some important vocabulary.

To like or not horror films is a question of preference.
I particularly dont like to much, but I watch horror films sometimes.
Usually a watch action, fantasy and heroes flms.
Also I am a big star wars fan.

i dont understand why people like horror films. Maybe some people enjoy but i dont like horror films. One day i saw Happy Death Day its really good films but really awful.I saw for a half. I think this stuation it depent on people. For example my brother really like horror films and when we watch films he would like horror films. My favorite film genre comedy,dramaor romantic films. It is enjoy me. Alfred Hitchcock always make action or horror films. Finally i like this listening thank you...

was so beutiful i really like the tinks of horror and zombies and all that

Oh yeah! That's my favorite zombie movie, "The Dawn of the Death" I think that's it's name in english, and my favorite part of the movie is when they arrive to the mall and they have fun in there, but also have to fight against the zombies coming in by the underground parking