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Horror films

Listen to Mel talking about why she loves horror films and which ones she prefers.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



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Upper intermediate: B2


Exciting horror films.... I'd rather watch comedies then horror.... But awsome...!!!

I particulary like horror films..for me watching horror films is fun..My favourite horror fill:The exocism of Emily Rose. I enjoy watching comedy films..

Hallo every body if i tell you my favorite films are about comady like mad tv and so on ,som times i watch horror films or scary films/but realy idont find any scary at all or not facinating ether,but i`m extreamily kind person .and the early days of my life when i watched horror films i often saw in the dreaming and i shout &cry.

hii, i listen to music while studying is that bad? loool

 i like horror movies but then i m so upset

Why do you think people enjoy watching horror films?
Some people love to watch horror movies because of the adrenaline-rush that they get. When you see something scary, it makes your blood tinge and your hair stand on its ends. Others find macabre films interesting due to the mystery of what will happen next. People are intrigued at how hapless humans will react when faced with monsters or other entities totally different from them.
What is your favourite film genre (e.g. action, comedy, drama, horror)? Why do you like that particular genre?
I particularly like comedy since it makes me forget my worries. I feel carefree and immune to problems when I laugh or smile. Whenever I see a comedy, I feel a sense of lightness. My heart succumbs to the air of jolliness when the protagonists deliver their outrageous punchlines or are involved in crazy situations. I can't help but laugh at their silliness.
Have you watched any of Alfred Hitchcock’s films? Do you think there are any differences between psychological thrillers and horror films?
I haven't watched a Hitchcock film but based on the listening activity, it seems riveting. What makes it different from horror films is how it delivers the element of terror. It doesn't involve obvious visual scenes like blood, cut body parts and the like. It focuses on the creepy possibilities that might happen given a particular situation. That for me is very scary since you'll never know what will happen. You might expect something bad to occur but another event which is strange and at the same time utterly sinister takes place.
What do you think of this listening activity?
This listening activity is a creative way of telling your favorite movies and the motives behind them.

I think film is belong to youngster, as for me, an old man, watching movie is no longer a favorite entertainment. At present, I would rather spend my spare time for learning English. Having said that, I really enjoyed see movie when I was a teenager, my favorite film then were 'Inferno', 'The Jaw', and 'Oliver' just to name a few. I also would like to mention that I could hardly understand English then.

hi ; For me i dislike the scary films but from time to other i watch them just for excitment.

I like horror movies as well.
The activity is quite simple. Nevertheless, I didn't find any information about the level worked in this activity...

I like watching horror films, as much as the speaker does. But I like tense, suspense horror movies. I don't realy like the "blood and guts every where type', because for me scary movie should be frightening and not repulsive.
IMHO, people watch them to get the adrenaline, the feeling that life is fragile and they should value it. And, of course, from the curiosity.
Yes, I have watched them. I think there is a difference in ways that directors of this films are using to get people frightened and in effect that they're achieving. In my opinion, psychological thrillers are far more realistic and esier to belive, so the auditory stays frightened for a longer period of time.
I liked the activity. It was easy to understand and enjoyable to listen.
Thank you.