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Living on my own

Listen to Jocelyn talking about her experience of moving out of her family home and living on her own in Hong Kong.

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Upper intermediate: B2


Dear Elvira,
Students at different levels need different sorts of listening practice. Students at a low level of English need slow, simple English. More advanced students need something more difficult, like this.
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I prefer living on my own for sure! Is not easy at the beginning but it's worth in a long time prospect..then it's so funny and comfortable to go back to house parents in the week end to get a delicious lunch or dinner..
I'm amazed how useful it's this web site...
Great podcast, great web site!

I think living alone for sometime it's a great expirence for life. 

Hi, i'm Prasetyoaji from indonesia,thanks a lot this website is great, so i can fix my weak English .

I don’t live with my parents for eight years. I moved out when I started secondary school. I think it was very good decision. I started be a responsible person. I had to carry of myself, I started for example make a dinner and cleaning. Now I live in apartment with my friend and we spend together a lot of funny moments. I can’t imagine start living with my parents again.

Hi Basia44,
Greetings from Indonesia.
Same goes here, I started living on my own at my 2nd year at secondary school up till now. I studied at boarding school for 5 yrs, working abroad after finishing my high school since then, and I've never live in with my parent more than a month from then on. But then I've never closed the possibility of me taking care of my mother (father has passed away a few months ago) when she is old, in need of companion and or need a caring from others.
The very best of luck,
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Umi Zahrok

eh basia44 ...this is not good at all..being with our father ,mother and brothers/sisters is such a good others love is greater than our own mothers love...its right correct...?.and also no one is as intelligent as our any cause dont let your parents down....!!!!be supportive...though friendship is a good thing in the world....our parents are good humans and the best persons in the world...okay...are you understand

in Romania you have to be rich or very ambitious to live by your own....

i think moving out and  have own life are interesting if we are preparing to be independent person, i say that because from my experience it is can help us doing anything by ourselves and think twice before do something. Example we need to calculate ourselves our daily expenses if we don't have decent job and  live far way from family home. We also have to aware how to take care of ourselves and be responsible and mature people. Besides that, when we live outside we have a freedom to choose and do decision, from that we have learned some of difficulties appear in this world and  get prepare for the future,however don't  forget your family, always visit them constantly because without them who you are now. Then there have several factors that attracting to move out,First, distance of work place is far from family house,second is to cut down and save traveling budget, daily expenses and so on
p/s:my writting skill is very bad and i need to improve it..
Is someone want to comment about mine i really appreciate your favour
Thanks friends:)

actually your writing skill is good you dont need to worry about that...
and my point is when we stay away from our family there are many chances to get distract from our living together is best forever..if so do some reply