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Living on my own

Listen to Jocelyn talking about her experience of moving out of her family home and living on her own in Hong Kong.

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Hi Everyone,
I would prefer to live with family instead of living alone.
All the time spending out side for office or on work places we are tired mainly mentally fatigue. As we grown up in a family and naturally we are incomplete individually. If we are living alone we will also thank about family. So, we can not get relax.This could be possible only when we live together. We can share every day whatever we see outside and discuss

Hello! Kirk
Thank you so much
I love to learn British English, it is useful and more politely

Hello! Dear,
I would like to ask you that learning english program have a different articles every week.
I am looking forward to hear from you.

Hello Tai le,

You can find a new video in our Video zone approximately every 10 days, but I'm afraid we don't have any written articles coming out regularly right now. I'd suggest looking at our Facebook page, where there are lots of links to new content every day.

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I am really interested in "Living on my own".
I have left my parents since I just was a 11 year-old girl.
During Secondary and High school, I have left my parents and stayed at the dormitory for studying.
Then, I had to go to the capital where has my dream university. I have studied there for 4 years. After graduation, I keep going to work and stay away from my parents. I go back to visit them every month. It takes about 3.5 or 4 hours by coach to get home.
Sometimes, I just wanna go home and never come back to the busy city I am staying. I have to work for living, take care everything, pay for all: rent, internet, electric bills, food....
I admire them who have chance to live with your parents.
However, thanks to living independent, I realize that I could do and solve everything on my own. I seem to be more mature and respect my parent's sacrifices.
Thanks for supporting me. You're my precious. :*

I think that nowadays young people tend to remain more time with their parents as it used to be in the past, mainly due to economic and educational reasons. People are spending more time on their education, more and more of them study to obtain a degree at the university in order to look for a better job. Generally students are supported economically by their parents if they are not living with them, but a lot of university students still live with parents during their careers. Another reason why people tend to live with their parents is becouse getting a steady job has become difficult especially in southern europe (such as in Italy,Spain or Greece). Living indipendently is unaffordable for many young workers becouse the cost of life is high copared to their salaries and in order to rent a house you have to guarantee a regular salary, which is not easy to earn if you consider that today the most common job contract is the fixed term one.

I think that move out or not is mostly a metter of money rather then of culture or tradition. I am Italian and in my country is important to stay with and to support parents, but living on your own still remains a personal choice. Personally I prefer to live on my own becouse i can have my space and managing my time indipendently. I like to visit my parents too so I am back home almost everytime I have the chance to do so.

Thank you very much for all the useful material

I think living with parents until you get married is quite good causes when they are old in somedays they really need someone to share anything with even that is happiness or else. I have lived far from my house in reason of studying but i always want to come back home whenever i have time.

As for me, I do prefer living on my own. I think it make me mature, independent and strong. I could stand on my own getting more confident and avoid some misunderstanding conditions with my patents due to generation gap.

Living on my own or parents is very difficult to decide, as one option is better than the other and the other is even better than the one. I always want to live on my own,as I know it would be a difficult task to suddenly get adjusted to the new environment but not impossible. As a parent, they would never want their son or daughter to stay away from home , as again this differs from parent to parent. Yes , if living on my own is the option, then money is the main factor to be considered. The good side of living on your own is you are getting trained to live in a completely different world with only difficulties and nothing will come as easy we think.
Thank you
Please correct me if I am wrong anywhere .

Hello Dipin p,

I'm afraid we don't correct users' writing on LearnEnglish. With so many thousands of users it simply is not possible for our small team to do so. We do read every comment, however, and respond where we can.

I think you are right about money. In my experience most people would like to have a place of their own but many cannot afford one.


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