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Living on my own

Listen to Jocelyn talking about her experience of moving out of her family home and living on her own in Hong Kong.

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Upper intermediate: B2


I would like to share my thoughts on staying alone or with family.

I would like to stay with my family . But I prefer to stay alone.
The reason is I feel somehow demotivated/discouraged by the parents.They actually don't demotivate but they do afraid to take some risk by their children
In order to focus on something I feel like I need to consciously working on it for couple of years.once I get grip in it, I can manage others as well parallel.
Maybe when i feel I can make my parents to understand this, I will ask them to stay with me.I know this is very hard to accept for my parents.But later after few years they will definitely feel happy and appreciate me.

I am not sure whether it is right or wrong . But I do feel that once i get enough in my I can take my parents with me.

Please give your opinions on my decision and your thoughts


oh, it's sound cool. because of war, I left my country and my family. I'm living alone and try to manage my life all the way. As much as it's difficult it's full of experience. Many days I found myself in bad situations, no money, no food, no friend or even home.
Fighting the events and difficulties made from me a mature girl. I know what to do and when should do it. I spent all my loneliness in reading and improving myself. I rented money and had continued my studying.
Know my aim is to improve my English and get ILETS to apply for a scholarship for Ph.d. 18 months without seeing my family or friends, 18 months from migration and loneliness have been learned me lots and lots.

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Thanks for the idea"Living on my own". I want to write about my true story. I married and have two sons. We all my husband, my husband's parents, my husband's two sisters, our two children and I all live in one house. So I want to write about discomfords of living together:
1) I and my husband can not show our real feelings
2) our sons any time can open the door of our room even we are trying on our clothes etc
3) I should service to all part of our family
4) only one tv to watch (I shy to watch with them and cannot watch what I want) or telephone to talk
SO I want to write about our traditions. In our country aftet wedding couple live in boy's house with his family. Really it's too hard to live with them if they don't respect you as a person, they think that you must be a slave for them! Give advices if you have, i want to live to our own but my husband cannot leave his parents
Thanks for understanding

Gretings all.
I live in capitial of Albania -Tirana.
In my country all off people living with her parents even when they married.when they have children they buy flat and living with her women and children.
Thank you

I would rather live with my parents because they are getting older and need someone to take care. Furthermore, they are moving or working much slower than a decade ago. Even if it is a default thought that living with parents means you are not mature, in fact, I have to take care them, prepare them 3 meals a day. Besides, I have to take my mother to the doctor's appointments. However, I feel very happy and glad to do it. When I go back home in the evening, I usually hear my mom says "How are you sweety? Are you tired?". These sentences make you feel relief, although you have a hard day at work.

(This is not a true story. I just wanna practice writing. Please feel free to comment. Thank you.)

Ooooh I had started crying, I imaged their feeling how much they are happy with u .

It sounds like a true story. Moreover, it seems to be o good pattern to copy in our family relations.

Currently I live with my daughter and my wife in my own house, but when I was young I had help from my family. When I was 19 year old I moved out of town to study and I went to live with my aunt, she helped me a lot.

Yes money always helps you to decide if you want to move out or not. If I had a lot of money. I would change to a better place in another city.

I prefer to live on my own because I need more privacy.
the money is not a problem cause i can apply for any jobs to earn living .
i think the young people who tend to live with their parents before they get married is from traditions of the country .
u think this listening activity is wonderful !