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Living on my own

Listen to Jocelyn talking about her experience of moving out of her family home and living on her own in Hong Kong.

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In my country we have several reason to staying with our parents Firstly give them all care all as you can,Secondly to carry them Take all them responsibility etc. But some parents they don't have Enough place, So they forces them to looking for other place to live

Today, I prefer living with my parents, because In my opinion, I'm not ready for independent living. But when I finish university, I will line on my own. What about money… Yes, it is a crucial factor for me to decide whether to move out or not. I think so, because if I decide to live without parents, I won’t want to ask money from them, and mean to provide for yourself.
I believe, views on this question different because of the culture of the countries. In some countries it is normal that children move out from their parents early, and in other countries, the family occupies an important place in human life

I strongly believe that one thing is the wishes and another the reality. I mena, the point is how long you can mantein your job that it allows you to rent a house and to live by yourself. The current crisis has played a crucial role in many times, even by changing the ways of life and the cultural statements of many countries, such as Spain.

As what the speaker said it depends on your situation to what you most prefer including your culture practices. In the Philippines, in our country we have that what we call close family ties practices. Even married individuals still living with their parents. In my own opinion I would rather choose to live on my own on the right time and place. What I mean is that I lived independently because I am already married and I have a job which is enough for our daily needs. I want to decide on our own and it feels good to have your own home with your family.

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I absolutely agree with the speaker.Now, I'm in university and living on my own.I have rent an apartment and shared it with my friend.He is good man, he tought me many things I have never seen about his hometown culture. Although I still get some money from my parent but I also make some money by tutoring for primary student, it is indeed interesting job.I have never worried about living indepentdently because i have many friends, many extracurricular activities and many interesting to discover...

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Luis Nguyen
I definitely agree with speaker said, moving out of family that make me actually have a good life with experiences and skills. In my country, that gradually transfer to general morden tendency as a indenpent people when they can be even just in high school. In 19 century, almost parents want to keeping their generation continuously stay with them as well as a big family. That has maked teen ages comes down of life skill and will lose much more confident in their self. But in contrast, if you want to stay with your parents, you don't have cooking, washing...that saves a lots of time to do somethings else. that is funny and useful in teen life to learning in School. But I think preparing for your own life as son as possible is the best way to strike any barrier forward of this life. That is also challenges to be more successful. I ve had experiences of moving out of my family when I was in university, that was times with many change of thinking and life tendency of mind. Especially in social appearence, try to be a attractive man with a balance life.