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Living on my own

Listen to Jocelyn talking about her experience of moving out of her family home and living on her own in Hong Kong.

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In my country, living on your own depends much on your parents.You should be grateful towards the ones who bring you up so living with them even when you're an adult or married and taking care of them are the best way to show your love and gratitude to them.

I believe whatever you do is the best for you, to stay with your parents or to live by you own. Tradition is a stereotype. Reality has many layers, while tradition only has one. Use it when you need to, but listen to yourself when there are decisions to be made. What's more, parents are the most tolerant people in the world. You can move back if you find the world outside is too much or too less for you. You will be welcomed, and your parents will tell you how much they've missed you. You can move out again if you feel your future is lying in somewhere else. Your parents will not be reluctant in encouraging you and being proud of you. The secret behind this contradictory behavior of parents is they want their children to live life wonderfully.

Dear NewAgeEnglish,
actually I think that not only parents but their daughters and sons as well have a contradictory behaviour, which is in the nature of things. But I agree with you that my first concern is that my daughter can finds her own path in life.

Tradition has a lot to do! But the the factor of having a job or not is the main reason for young people moving out from their parent´s house.

Hello everyone, my name is Chika Yunanda Susanto. I am from Indonesia exactly in Tangerang. And I' am student in Teachers Training and Pedagogy Faculty University of Muhammadiyah Tangerang. I want to ask you, how i can make learning English easier?
Thank you.

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Hi this's Lucetty writing,
I agreed upon that live alone, is very difficult, but necessary to madure as a responsible person. Let me tell you that I live on my own since I was 18 years old. Furthermore, I din't have any problem, only it was responsability and work so hard. Nowadays, I'm proud of how I managed to do that by myself.

i want to learn english. I...don't know how...

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