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Living on my own

Listen to Jocelyn talking about her experience of moving out of her family home and living on her own in Hong Kong.

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Upper intermediate: B2


I love to live with my friends than my parents thought I sometimes felt homesick. I think everyone has their own life so I want to live an indepedent life and responsible for all things of my life.

Now that I got married, living on my own has been pretty good. Me and my girl could handle it very well, and similarly to the audio speech, we waited until we could have earning enough to buy an apartment instead of renting one. We also live near to our jobs (15min, in my case).

We are five brothers and it's difficult to live in a small house so I bought a house when I got a job.

i'm 19 years old. now i live with my family but i hope next year when i will go to the university i will live on my own.

Hello every one
I'm living without my parents because I have a job in a city which I graduated university.
For myself, I would like to live near my family because this make me feel happy and comfortable.
However, if want to get a lot of money and have a good job, the best choice is working in a big city (i live in Vietnam). In the small province or town, to get a good job with acceptable salary is very difficult.

Hello lmleo158,
I come from central Viet nam . My hometown is ba ria. Do you know? How's about you?

Hello! I study in Kyiv, but my native town is Znamenka. So, I live without my parents. I think, that everyone adult person must live on his own. I know, that it is very difficult! You must have a good job, that to be independence. But it is your life and you must live it myself!

I´d like to meet someone to practise my English fluently.

I also..

hello friends .
i prefer to live with my family in my village. and i am so happy to living in my village because    here my grandma and grandpa , everyone is there they share about every thing in their life how can they achive  goals and when they had problems how to build up there  confidence and solve problems even how to respect peoples and important thing that relationship  , know a days people didn't spend time with there parents . because every one wants to fight with another one which prove that we are the best . its a important that what we have achive in our life but we have to spend time with parents and friends , grandma , grandpa etc. because in that small time to spend with our family its give so much happy and satisfaction .and  that time we have realise that this  my life and my small world . and its be the best memories in our life.
                                         if any problem is there in my english please help me  .