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A study trip to the UK

Listen to Ella talking about some of the most memorable moments from a study trip to the UK.

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Nivel de idioma

Intermediate: B1


No, I haven't. I would like to get a job abroad and improve my english skills by the way. I think that travel makes us think differently about our own culture and country and sometimes later we appreciate more when we come from. learn about different cultures, taste different and weird food, make friends around the world is something that I would like to do and I will.

Now, i am studying in abroad. It is totally different experience. New cities, new people, new ideas, new religons, new cultures. When you see like this new things, your concience of another world is getting larger. I mean, you can improve your worldview. You notice that there are many different events and humans in the world. You are not alone :). This differences make you a 'world people'.

No, I still haven't studyed abroad but I'll hope to do it soon. Studying abroad is an amazing opportunity to do new friends, learning about new culture, maybe having professional experiences, etc.

No. I haven't.

Hello everyone, my name is Xu Haozhe. I am from China and now studying in Russia. This is my third year in Russia. I am very happy here. My Russian level has improved a lot. I like the Russian people. Although they seem indifferent, they are actually very enthusiastic. I like this country.

I never have studied abroad and I'm sorry for it. Indeed I think that, if I had gained this experience, I would have increased my skills and known many people from around the world.

I've never studied abroad I wish I did. I know in some European countries people send their children to other countries when they are young, but in my country people are so conservative and reserved they keep their children near themselve when they are at school and even after that.

You can learn many things in other countries, I like that. It helps you to be more independent, ready to live everywhere and know how people are different in other countries. Now I'm thinking of living in other countries . I know it is difficult for me because I'm not young anymore.I wish I had some experience before. I traveled to other countries but never stay for a long time.
People are different in each country . Maybe it is so hard to live alone in a foreign country at the beginning , but soon you will fall into the habit people can forget easily.

I haven't studied abroad. But I know people who have studied abroad in different country such as Finland, the Netherlands, Germany and Korea. They have worked hard to reach their targits. My opinion, studing abroad is exciting experience and new emotions. You can get new friends, a cultural experience and get up your level foreign language.
Some people are afraid of live in a foreign country. There are other people, the other language and culture. I think you should be open for world and the world will be your oyster. Pepole are supporting in most cases.
Once I have lived in a dormitory in Finland. There were many students from different countries. I tried to speak with them. I had bad english. We went to supermarkets to buy food and cooked national meals each your. I cooked the borsch. We playes, chated and laughed. It was unforgettable.

Hi everyone, I studied abroad for just two weeks in 2011. It was an interesting experience in Malta but actually I don't learn a lot.
I think that choosing to live in a host family will teach you more about the country culture and lifestyle also you can improve your English faster.

Hi, i am sanjeev from India. i have been visited many times in uk for my business purpose. i felt very excited to meet some new people,new places and also new culture there. i went many places in uk like Bourne Mouth,Birmingham,London,Brighton.there is no pollution in uk.if you want to learn good English there. first of all you have to speak and speak only if you are speaking wrongly,don't bother about it.because after some times you will feel,you are speaking with correction and time to time your English fluency will be much much better and end of the day you will really feel. now you are a perfect speaker for English Language.its my personal openion for learning a new language.