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A study trip to the UK

Listen to Ella talking about some of the most memorable moments from a study trip to the UK.

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Hello, everyone. I have not studied abroad yet, but I really want to go to other countries for study. If I have a chance to study abroad, I would like to live with fellow students in a dormitory. Because we are of similar age, we can have many common interest to talk, and I also can learn many things about the culture of their country.
You can make friends with foreigners and your countrymen. They can help you overcome these negative feelings.

I have never studied abroad but I wish I could.
I would choose to live with a host family because i can learn more from them about the culture of the country and by them i involved with his lives .
people when they travel for the the first time may have difficulties but i'm sure if they truly want to success they will concentrate about the pros (advantages) only.

Hello there
I have not studied abroad yet, but I am living in an English speaking country with a host family, and Of course I need to be able to communicate with people around me , So, I will take a course of English in January.
The customs are a liitle different from my home country , but I have enjoyed to knowing new people, coustoms and food.

hello from the other side :P
i am from Albania
I have never studied abroad as well. I am taking english course.I want to improve the english language and if you want we can talk together .it could be my pleasure if you would my friend.

Thanks for sharing your experience. I am going to study PhD programme in Belgium next year. Honestly, I am very nervous. It will be the first time to come there. Hoping I will find and have some nice friends like you. Best all.

hello!unfortunately i didnt hava opportunity to go to study abroad,but i share with friends in a dormitory i find quite exciting,of course i'm studying english.

yes, i went to London to study for one year. It was a great experience and i found a change to improve my english. Studying abroad is diffucult but besides that its enjoying. You can learn how to survive by yourself. I was stayed with my cousin at London but i go there again i would choose to live with host family.

Hello! I'm new here. I must improve my very poor engish, especially in writing.
I hope that this site could be useful for me. It seems very well structured and accurate.
Anyway, I was not so lucky because I never studied abroad. Better, I never studied English abroad. Really, I studied German in Wien a lot time ago. It was a very interisting experience. After that I passed long period abroad, due to my job. I believe that the contact with other culture it is everytime an enrichment for everyone.

Hello everyone, When I was a study, I didn't have chance to study abroad. But when I went to work, I attend Technology Training of Mediland Corporation in Taiwan. There was in May, 2014. That is first I went to abroad. I feel nervous when I check in at air port. I was afraid because I don't know how I have to check in to go a board. But everything was ok. I was in Taipie, Taiwan for 5 days. There was a lot of different things than my country. On the road, There is not so many motobikes. You sometime see some car. Air is quite fresh. The weather is same my country, It's quite hot (32-33oC) and rain during day. I complete training course and came back. There was not many exciting things but I will remember that trip, the first trip I went to abroad.

unfortunately , I have never studied a broad . I think the study outside my home country is better and that is the reason which motivates me to learn English as I would like to resume to my Engineering study in UK or Australia . I prefer to stay with host family to learn more about the UK culture and traditions
I think the best way to overcome the first Shock when you are travelling outside your home country is to show respect for your new home and stay away from troubles

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