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A study trip to the UK

Listen to Ella talking about some of the most memorable moments from a study trip to the UK.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



Nivel de idioma

Intermediate: B1


I am a new comer for this site and i hope i will enjoy first question is going to be :how can i improve my listening as well as speaking fluency as the foreign.It is my pleasure if you can tell websites or any other means to improve or solve my problem.finally, i hope you can show me the way.thank you.

Hello mekelle english,

Welcome to LearnEnglish - there are a lot of resources here and I'm quite confident that you'll find something that will help you improve your English.

For both listening and speaking, I would recommend our audio and video materials, most of which are found under Listen & Watch. These range from articles about different topics in the Magazine to a serial audio drama about a group of friends in London called Big City Small World to a video series about using English in different situations called Word on the Street. If none of those interest you, I'd encourage you to keep looking, because there's a lot more there!

With all of this content, I'd suggest you first listen to an episode once or twice to try to understand the general meaning. Then you could listen to them while reading the transcript to understand them better. Many of these sections also have exercises to help you see how well you've understood. (And if you like exercises, then I'd also recommend the Elementary Podcasts, which have a lot of great exercises.) This should all help you with your listening comprehension.

As you listen, take note of phrases and expressions that you like or think are important, and imitate their pronunciation. Our mouths need practice to get used to making different sounds, so repeated practice can really help. And as you practice, you will also gain confidence and fluency, which are really important when the time comes to actually speak English with others.

Good luck!

Best wishes,

The LearnEnglish Team


hello, it is so nice i like it so much

am Sudanese and i hope to visit London. 

I have never studied broud.

I prefer the host family, becouse it is like a home.

Hi there, I'm quite new to this site but I find it very interesting and useful. At first i want to say hello to all people here.
Although now i'm to old to study abroad i think that it is wonderful oportunity to make new friendship, know different culture and last but not least to improve language skills.
When i was at school, learning language was based on reading and writing. We had little practice in conversation. So now though when someone talk to me i understand a lot, when it comes to speaking it is not so perfectly. IMHO one of benefits studying abroad is than you have to speak in language you learn so day by day you become more and more self-confident. Nowadays we have widely available Internet so i hope to find someone interested in chatting with me to improve spoken English.

it is very useful a good lesson , it caused we get familiar with other accent it seems we are living in reality , thanks and good luck

I had never study abroad. i like to study in a different country. I want to know different techniques of teaching. and also i like to know about different cultures. I like to make a new friends. specially foreign friends. studying abroad give me a chance to that too.

I had never studied abroad, and I really wish to do it one day. My wish is to share a place with fellow students and to meet new people too. I look at the culture shock as an adventure for me, and still I think you can be in front of it and have a great time!

i cant download this audio, help me please