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A study trip to the UK

Listen to Ella talking about some of the most memorable moments from a study trip to the UK.

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I think the best way to say it is 'In the end he had to give up his part-time work, because he didn't have enough time to do everything.'
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thanks a lot for your help¡

hello everybody
I never have studied abroad, but I think it would be a very rich experience.
I think it may suppose good and bad things, by one hand it´s very important for your personal development to manage to face life. You must survive in new atmosphere and it isn´t easy most of time. Financially you have to pay for rent, electricity, food, and sometimes you don´t have enough money and you have to look for a part time work. Then if you have to work, study and go out you must be good in  the way you organize your time. You must plan your week carefully. and it can be a difficult task. for example my brother tried this the last year when he was in Erasmus programmed and finally He had to give up his part time work because he hadn't enough time for all.
By other side think it would be an amazing experience . It makes you learn to live on your own, It may suppose new opportunities for job, friendships and what is more important learn to know yourself

hi. I never studied outside. i like to do after high school. and you?
see you later

I've never seen as useful as this website ever!! 
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I think it's better to have a pdf file with each listening...
Thanks for the useful website

There is a pdf file - just click on 'Instructions & Downloads'.
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