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A study trip to the UK

Listen to Ella talking about some of the most memorable moments from a study trip to the UK.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



Nivel de idioma

Intermediate: B1


This page doesn't have any video, only audio. Try going to 'Word on the Street' or the 'How To' videos to see some video.
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Dear Feruza,
- Sorry but Feruza is a female or male name?. You are an warrior! Studing Korean language!!!.  I´m kidding. Korean language is realy very difficult. I know it because I grew up in a neighborhood which there were a lot of Korean people and I had many Korean friends. It´s not easy ! I know!. Talking about my English language knoledgment  I began to study it when I was teen. I attended English school but it was not for long time.  I think that the major reason to me improve something it was when i started to work at an American company in my country. It was in 2000 year. Actualy I´m a self-learn trying to get some of knowledge. As I told you previously it´s not easy to improve ours English skills living in a country or region where it´s not our a native or second language. I live in a small city and I have worked at a big company located between São Paulo and Paraná both states of Brazil. Finaly, one day I was looking for another free English course and I reached The British Council. It was fantastic.    
- I´d like that you make a revision in my text. If you find out somethin wrong please, let me know how to fix it.
Keep in touch.

Tavora!You made me smile)))I`m girl)) But  i understand you.Of course,you`ve never heard such kind of names.Feruza is the Persian name.
And i want to ask about your name too))Tavora is a first name or surname?))
You wrote very interesting message,thank you))I`m agree with you. One of the best methods to learn foreign language is to go to the country where the population speaks on it. But sometimes our desire doesn't coincide with possibilities))I think you will reach tops in English studying!)In anyway i wish you luck!
I don`t know English perfectly.I think it wouldn`t be right from my side to rectify your slightest errors on a kind at all visitors of this site. But if you you insist on it,i can do it for you.
Best wishes,Feruza

- Don´t be afraid!! As you wrote it´s very difficult to imagine if you  were a girl or boy because you´re the first person that I know from Uzebekistan.  Taking advantage of opportunity I made a survey about your country and learned many thing about this. I´m surprised!  Your country is member of the commonwealth of Independent States. Now I understand because you´re studing Korean language. There a lot of Korean resident in your country.   Uzbekistan was incorporated into the Russian Empire and 1924 became a constituent republic of the Soviet Union. Very interesting!.  One of their oficial language is Farsi as well as Russian.
- Brazil was discovered by Portugal in 1500 year and my family is from that. Alberto is my first name and Távora is my surname further my family is descendent from a old people called Moor. I think we both have something in common.  I´ve tried to writing without use of dictionary but sometimes it´s very hard but I have reached my goals everyday because those exercices can provide me an opportunity to improve my skills. Have you accessed the Facebook of British Council? 
Have a nice day!
Best Wishes.

 Hello! Yes, you are right! Very interesting information!Thanks.
You should repeat verbs with prepositions I think.
And I haven't received access on Facebook page.
Best wishes.

Dear AnnF,
- I notice that some moderators aren´t from England. For example: - You´re from Spain. How does it works? A Spanish woman works for the Britsh Council?  Adam,  another moderator is from Poland!  I´m confused!

Hi Távora,
I live in Bilbao, Spain and work here as a teacher of English, and have done so now for many years, although I originally come from the UK. As Adam says, the British Council has teaching centres all over the world with many native speaking teachers like me working for them. Do you have one where you live?

Dear Ann and Adam,
- Thank you for all informations. I didn´t know how the The British Council systems works. It´s very interesting. Sincerely I don´t  know how many English teacher from the Britsh Council there are in Brazil. I´m going to find out it. Taking advantage of opportunity I wanna say that you both are the best and studing using this website have been very useful to me. As I told you in a previous opportunities, I have obtained a lot of knowledge since I began to access this website.  My great chalenge is improve my English skills everyday because I don´t have an English teacher near to me. 
Thank you for supply our needs!
Best Wishes.

The country next to our names is where we live, not where we are from.
I live in Poland now, although last year I was living in Korea. Many English teachers live in different countries around the world.
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team