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A study trip to the UK

Listen to Ella talking about some of the most memorable moments from a study trip to the UK.

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Nivel de idioma

Intermediate: B1


I'm a new comer here. I'm very happy to find our this website. This the most useful and interesting way I can learn and improve my English skills.
Thank you very much for Learnenglish team.

Hi everyone, I am a new comer here, I like this website very much! This is the most useful and interesting way I've ever seen to learn English, thank you LearnEnglish team!!

I've never studied abroad yet, to me it is just a dream which cannot come true. But I met a lot of foreign students come to China, I can feel they all enjoy a vivid life to study abroad. Extracurricular time they often travel around in different place, having fun and interesting life.

Actually. I have never studyied at a university in other different countries. But I alway hope that I will study abroad in Australia when I get an Academic IELTS and get a target that I want to.
Sometimes. I imagine my life when I arrive in there. There are have lots of new thing. I have to start a new life, make new friends who come from different country, and the worthest is to start a new studying measures. which is not like that in Vietnam. Anyway, I should try to. Fortunately. My cousins are living there, so I am going to live with them at their house, but there are far from my school. however, I can save money if I live with them,
There are have several reasonthat I choose study in Austria. Firstly, the politics there are good about human right, studying andthe rate of happiness. I think the price of life there is not too expensive. and secondly, I have my related who are living there and I will not be shock culture when to live in a different country.
However. I am quiet excitied when I think about that. this is a new experience in my life

Studying abroad is my dream and I am trying to make it come true. I am leaning IELTS, and after graduating, I will apply a scholarship to go to abroad. I really believe that I can do it. I love to experience life in other countries, make new friends and travel around the world. UK and US are two places that I want to experience life the most.

I haven't ever study abroad .. I am a family person so that may explain why , also the universities in my country are very good in many aspects ..

to avoid culture shock I think who wanna study abroad should read about the country and since we're living in the internet world it has been much easier to make friendship with ppl across the world so he should take advantage of that and try to keep in touch with people living in that country so he will get comfortable and more confident when he arrives that country

Unfortunately, I’ve never studied abroad, so I can’t tell about difference. If I can chosen, I would like to live with other students in a dormitory. In my view, it is very interesting, because while you live with your peers from different countries, you can learn something new about traditional of other country. Also it is a great opportunity to to try to live independently without the help of parents.
What about the third questions… I believe that one of inpotant things is keep calm, because when you feel scared and helpless, you you will not be able to obtain all of the knowledge that you are ready here to provide

I do not have experience yet studying abroad.Hoping to have it in the future.

The first time I experienced to study abroad was 5 years ago when I went to Oxford for having an English course. I'm from Italy and I work as a teacher in a vocational school. I needed to have an English course about the CLIL (Teaching your subject in English) because I enjoy teaching in English either. I planned to stay in a host family because I could have improved the language. Early I got used to living like an English person I mean about the English's people habits. Most of people that come from another country have to overcome the bad feeling about the new culture. Luckly I'm an open-minded man then I like to discover new culture and get a full immersion in the foreign country.

Hi all,
I've had a chance to study in Taiwan. It's absolutely useful to my career. It is unforgettable of mind. There are a lot of great landscapes and well climate. It could be a food heaven with many food store on the street and a lot of the convenience stores for cloths, mobile devices, ... and you can find out everything you need. Especially, the people are here very friendly and out-going. When you lose the direction you can ask anyone around then they answer with the cool attitude. Even they can go with you to your destination. Great !.


I had the chance to study in Mexico for a year. My host university organized everything for us: from renting a flat to get a mobile number.

I was shraring the flat with another foreign. She came from Europe and was studying the same specility. Thanks to this flat sharing experience we have became friends.

I really like this one year experience. I did not get any negative felling and really did my best to be intregrated with the mexican students.

I would love to repeat that experience again.