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A study trip to the UK

Listen to Ella talking about some of the most memorable moments from a study trip to the UK.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



Nivel de idioma

Intermediate: B1


Hi dear friends,
Im from Vietnam..I love English and i wanna make friends all the world ..Nice to talk with all you guys

Dear Members,
- Some students have been requesting help about  English improvement but they don´t answer e-mails wich other classmates send us.  I don´t understand. Would be it shame? Would be lack of time to access the Britsh Council to verify theirs emails? I think that is a great opportunity to improve ours skill but I realize that people don´t do it with frequency.  Could anybody try to explain that  problem?

Tavora,don't mention it!
I study English from school years, now I study it at university, but I understand that I don't still know  many things. One of good methods is to watch films in English, without subtitles. I am agree with you that at studying of any  language we do every day a step forward. For beginners it is possible to advise - reading. Especially aloud. Because only when we hear our voice saying those or other words in a foreign language we can remember them. Now besides English I learn the Korean language. It is very difficult))))
All beginning to study English I want to wish patience and not to stop before difficulties!
Tavora, how long have you already studied English language? And whence has heard about this site?
You know I`m not  expert, but i praise your knowledge of English language)))
Best wishes,Feruza :-))))

I think the main reason is that many people are modest.
Do you divide my point of view?:)

 Hi Feruza,
- At first I´d like to thank your attention.  Yes, !! I agreed with you. People are very shy but it´s necessary to win some obstacle in our way of life. To reach our goals it´s necessary to be confident and believe in ourself. Don´t think that is easy to me study a bit of English every day.  I know I need to improve my English skills and I know how much I do lot of mistakes but one of the way to develop us is lose the shame. Another point of view is to practice a lot  and do many kinds of exercices like to watch TV, Read articles and so on. It´s not a easy task to forget our fears. 
Let me know more about your opinions. Keep in touch!

How many people, wishing to improve the English! Let's create community on Facebook all users of our britishcouncil site! Or it already is, and I don't know?))))

Good evening,Ann!
Thanks a lot!
With great pleasure i will be a member of Facebook  "British Council" community.
Best wishes,

Solar greetings from me!!)))I`m Feruza,a new member of this wonderful website!))I won't be original! I dream to visit London! I aspire to improve my English as well as you! Let's communicate! :)))))

hello everybody:) my name is sophie, I am from Georgia. I am just new member of this website and I  hope to speake each other, I don't have much exerience in conversation in English.