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A study trip to the UK

Listen to Ella talking about some of the most memorable moments from a study trip to the UK.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



Nivel de idioma

Intermediate: B1


hello everybody
I,m Spanish and I like learning English,
I've never been to UK but I'd like to go. Perhaps some day.....
Well, Is there anybody who would like to write me?
i hope so!

Hello sgsj, 
i also like learning English
I just fifnished my English course in Malaysia and came  back to my country / Kazakhstan
Now i am affraid about my skill of English...;) 
i have visit Spain in 2009. It was wonderfull holiday .
We touched  heart about Spanish people. Couse everywhere we could see people were reading books
Climate of Spain is very beautiful

Hi everybody,
My name is Tai Dang, I am Vietnamese. I'm just a new member of this website. I really want to learn and discuss English with all. This is a good learning English site. Thanks alot to all. Hope to get your help.

Hey  my name is Senad and I am from Bosnia. I dont have much experience in conversation in English so if there any person who want practice with me please contact me:)

Hi,Senad! I see you are very popular here) Are there many tourists in your country?I know that Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the world centers of mountain-skiing tourism.Am i right?)

hi Senad, I don't have much experience in conversation in English and I want to speake  each other and I think that it will good for both:)

Hi senad i'm form viet nam, Iam a new member so i don't know very much about this web .Anyway, i really want to improve my english skill but i'm too scare of talking in english if u like we can have a conversation so what do u think . Reply soon!! :D

hello senad, my name is Quan. I come from VIET NAM. Have u ever known my country yet ?. i'm a student. i'd like to make friend with you and can u help me to improve my skill English. At the moment. it's very bad. and i alway lack confident to speak English with my friend. hope to see your answer soon. plz help friend...

Dear Senad,
- At moment I´m a self-learner and it will be very interesting exchange some informations using English language. I think that we both could help us talking about culture and some subjects that can involve other members too. We both can start it talking about our countries. Could you explain something about Bosnia? Remember that we have to respect house rules.
I´m wating for your answer.

Dear Moderator,
- I´d like to know how to help a member who have asked us to help him to improve his English skills.  Is it allowed member help another member ?. What kind of help could a member provide to another without break house rules?