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A study trip to the UK

Listen to Ella talking about some of the most memorable moments from a study trip to the UK.

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1. I haven't studied abroad. I'm still in high school; but of course I'd like to study in England for a year, while I'm at college. Unfortunately, I don't see how that could be possible.
2. I have no idea which is better, but my guess is that living with other students would be more fun. On the other side, living with an English host family could be more educational when it comes to culture.
3. I think that, if you're going to study abroad, the best thing you can do to fight the cultural shock is to learn as much as you can about the people, everyday life etc. before you even get there. 

 Wow! That's awesome. Unfortunately I did'nt experience in UK......

I like to have trip to london, couse I think if you be in english country, learn english is faster and better. I like to speak english  speedly and fluently .

i hope that u will have this opportunity to visit london. best regards katia.

 hello my name is Fatjona  .your writing is very beautiful .bye

 Hi! I'm Brazilian and I'm going to London in June for study and improve my English. It will be the first time that I study abroad. I'm very anxious but in the same time I have scared for stay in other country without my family and friends. I think the first days will be the most difficult. I hope make new friends and visit many historical places.
I liked very much this site, it's very interesting. 

Congrats, Fmiguelete
London is the most beautiful place I`ve ever been and your worries will be just temporarily because once you see the people and`ll fall in love with London (like i did)
Anyway, good luck!

Hello... that would be a great experience... I hope you'll enjoy your time. Being far away from your family is awful, but you should learn how to live alone and depend on yourself. No need for being anxious or scared.
Good Luck! ^_^

Oh I love that. Life in UK is very interesting. I also love the way she cook without tasting.

My name is Ziaulhaq I am from Afghanistan I am living in Kabul capital of Afghanistan I am graduated from school now I am studying computer since in Dunya institute of higher education.   
I am much interacted to learn English in UK.