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My son

Listen to Ron talking about how he spends his time with his young son.

Talk about: My son

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hum... with my low level in English, I will try to do some comments.­
Good nurture is better than nature because the first factor al­ways supports people to overcome the challenges in their life.
If I am overwhelmed by anything, I will prefer to go to bed to recharge my batteries.
One time, I have been amazed by a baby when she tried to show her first speech.

I think we should nurture follow nature. I have just had my daughter, she is very lovely. I feel happy when I take cake her. When I stress in work, I usually walking or running alone. It is my batteries recharge way.

hmm, ... very interesting for me, I want to try learn English in this website :)

i forgot that to put my address in order to contact with me

hello guys im new here and i should notice that im going to take exam about 3 months later and im trying to find partner to improve my speaking skill and if anyone be able to help please please do not hesitate to contact with me thank you so much

its anice talk, i love it ,i had the same comments regarding the recharging of my battery when i had frusterations and very stressed from the work always i tried to go to my home ad play with my children the favourite sports which they like it,they are most beutifull thing in my life .i remembered the previous stages which passed on thier life when they was very young,the most amazed thing was when they start the walking ,speaking ang understanding quitly all things,also when they enter the school and start to learn bilingual language ,i agree with ron they provide enormous happinies for the life life

thank you so mach

I am sorry, I found the transcription. Thanks

Hello, Somebody knows where I can find the text.