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Don't get over-emotional

It's good to express your emotions but don't lose control!

In an interview situation it’s always good to express yourself and to convey your feelings, however there is a limit.  You don’t want to put yourself in a situation that causes you to become over-emotional and perhaps lose control – this could jeopardise the success of your whole interview.

In order to avoid this, think about the kind of things that you may be asked about in an interview that could cause you to get emotional – a pet that died recently, an exam you failed, an argument you had with a friend. By thinking about them in advance you can mentally prepare yourself to talk about them, or our best advice would be to try to avoid talking on these sensitive subjects altogether and wherever possible answer the question using a different example.


The tips rof IELTS are useful, but it is the man's acting which impresed me most of all here! Nice job!!!

I am interesting learning english due a my Job, I need english for better comprehension in reading letters or other important documents i hope improve as soon as posible.
thanks a lot .

ıt' great clue,  thanks

Good dramatic skills of the actor from your team. Congratulations! The situation is more bad than I could have ever imagined. I'm not so sure someone will allow himself to going so far with emotions during the interview. However it was useful for me like all others tests and exercises you provided. Thanks for care.

Thanks a lot for this interest web site,Really I want to learn English due to I'm going to submit all my documents for Immigration but I'm waiting to finish IELTS test course .
Please can you help me before starting my IELTS course to check my level test and my be I need to study English very well.
The time for me is very short to submit my documents for Immigration.
Waiting reply Pls.

Hello Basim,
I'm afraid we don't do IELTS level tests on LearnEnglish, although we do have some IELTS practice materials. You need to find a local school or tutor to help you with that.
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

I dont understand the last clause "wherever possible answer the question using a different example".
Could you please explain me about the meaning and the grammar structure of this?
Many thanks,

Hello Maika Doan
" . . . our best advice would be to try to avoid talking on these sensitive subjects altogether and wherever possible answer the question using a different example."
This means that if talking about something might upset you, it is better to choose a different way to explain what you want to say in the exam.
For example: If you have had an argument with your best friend you might feel emotional talking about him or her. So if the examiner asks you to talk about a close friend you should choose one of your other friends that you have not argued with. 
I hope this helps to make the meaning clearer. What part of the grammar of the clause don't you understand? Let me know and I will try to help.
I hope this helps
All the best
The LearnEnglish Team

Hi Helen

Many thanks to your explanation, I'd like to know the grammar function of clause I mentioned and bolded in whole sentence and functions of words and phrases in that clause.




 Oppps!! the man in this video has gone mad for his ex-girlfriend Lol