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Episode 04

Daniel's interview doesn't go too well. What mistakes does he make?

Do the preparation task first. Then watch the video and do the exercises. You can also read the transcript.



Nivel de idioma

Intermediate: B1
Upper intermediate: B2


Daniel made all possible mistakes in the interview: answers with lack details, show negative charachter traits (about 'hard man), etc. I would not have hired such an employee.

Through the video, I can learn a crucial point that would be beneficial for a candidate: be confident but not arrogant in an interview. The interviewee here looks too proud of himself but doesn't focus on the critical interest of the employer and fails to bring trust and convincing. Another point that needs avoiding is not to overstate your qualification and be honest in your CV.

The conversation about rock climbing was interesting to me. I thought that the interviewers ask about hobbies only to break the ice in the interview. However as shown in the video, it might give a poor impression on how passionate you are about things you do. Philip might have thought "Oh.. you just walked up the hill behind your house, saying you're interested in rock climbing."

I think this video is excellent and show us what should not be said in a job interview. Daniel seems to be too relaxed and familiar. Moreover he lies or exagerates about his skills or hobbies. But the worse for me is that he says he considers WebWare as a stepping stone. It shows he is not interested by the company where he is applying.

Thank's for video.

I think that, the choice of Daniel's dress for interwiev is absolutely wrong. His clothes is not officially for job interwiev.

This is the good example of common mistakes that the candidate who had over-confidence.

I think, this interview is a good example of what can be happen, if you try to lie in CV
and what about Daniel, it's so nastily to look on such candidate

This interview was funny and a very good example for failing. I would appreciate to see one with an applicant who gives good answers, too.

I think that he lost the chance to work in this company as he was not very serious in his answers!

This text describe exactly what happen in a job interview. In fact, it a wrong when the applicant tell lie. Because when the interviewers ask him, they recognize and discover when the applicant is tell lying.
The interviwers not liked of applicant. Certainly, he won't get the job.