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Episode 04

Daniel's interview doesn't go too well. What mistakes does he make?

Do the preparation task first. Then watch the video and do the exercises. You can also read the transcript.



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Thank you. Very useful.

This text contains tips for people who are going to a job interview. After their application, the recruiter will positively assess the person applying for a job.

Dear Moderator,
Thanks for your patiently answer. At the beginning of this episode, Daniel used "Dan, please." to greetings. So can we use it in our daily lives? Like this, "Leo, please" to greet with friends.
And when Philip asked Daniel "Anywhere interesting?" Does it mean if there is an interesting place, you will go or which place was interesting you most in your past experiences? So can we use "Anything interesting" to replace it?
Best regards,

Hi Leo,

When Daniel says 'Dan, please', he is telling Marcia to please call him 'Dan' instead of 'Daniel'. It's not a greeting.

Philip is asking if the last place than Daniel climbed was anywhere interesting, in other words, if it was a place that is well-known or far away (for example, a mountain like Ben Nevis in Scotland, a mountain that is not easy to climb). 'Anything interesting' doesn't communicate exactly the same idea and wouldn't work as well here.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

Very useful informations we got here. especially what to avoid doing during a job interview.

Mistakes to be avoided during interview...

The video shows everything you should avoid on a job interview.

What an unusual interview! It's impossible to trust a candidate like him.

Daniel, no, no there's no such man as he in this world! He's a supreme example of a bad interviewee. Exaggerating his abilities, pay no respect for the company he's applied a job for, I felt that the staff of this series made up too much! However, it was fun to see anyway... Thanks a lot.

I am from Brazil and started to study English some years ago..
Since I started to study I always had a big difficult with my listening skills for example when I talk in English with a Brazilian I understand everything that the person is talking to me but when I need to talk with a foreign (English, American or German) I have a big difficult to understand... I work in a multinational company and everytime that I need to participate of a international meeting I stay in panic... Please what suggest could you give to me to improve my listening skills faster? I always watch movies and series with Portuguese subtitles but it looks that is not helping me..

Thank you so much by the support!