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Countryside is GREAT - Part 2

Richard continues his exploration of Britain's great countryside. He sees the lakes and mountains of Scotland and two of the world's natural wonders: the Giant's Causeway in Ireland and the magnificent Durdle Door in Dorset.

Tarea 1

In what order do these things get mentioned in the video?


Tarea 2

Match the descriptions you heard about the places. Each place has two descriptions.


Task 3

Complete the phrases.


Tarea 4

Select the four adjectives that are possible in the gap, but don't select the one that isn't possible.




Nivel de idioma

Advanced: C1
Upper intermediate: B2


I'd really like to visit them all but i feel special atraction for Durdle door; i find that rare arc in a lake really interesting.
I live in andean country, Colombia, so there are a los of mountains. Even though i lived my childhood in a flat zone of the country anytime we traveled with my family we had to go through the mountains so i just got used to them and don't get stunned by the views anymore.
I am currently living in Bogota and every time i look through my window i see Monserrate wish is a pretty popular church on top of a mountain. You can see all the city from there so it's a really got spot to visit.

I love the countryside for its peacefulness and tranquility. The landscape and stunning view of the mountains and fields are some of the features that make the countryside attractive to many people. The English countryside is beautiful especially the South with amazing historical features. In my home country in Africa the countryside is unspoiled. There is no modern world feel such as cafes, restaurants, shops or tourism going on. The country is made of mountains and hills with rivers running through. People are still living pretty much primitive lives. The mountains and rivers are populated with farm animals eating grass and drinking water. Each family builds their hut and grow their crops on their piece of land. The landscape is gorgeous. People wouldn't normally have running water in their household, so you would see people fetching water or washing clothes and themselves in rivers. All this gives our countryside a beautiful feeling of simpleness and natural way of living.

I love this lesson. The description of the landscape is really fascinating! It's so informative that I lean toward visiting all of them!
Yupe, we have many natural beauties in my country bustling with lots of tourists. It's hard to choose the best!

In fact all the places or natural parks are beautiful, so I want to go all of these places to see the and enjoy the landscapes, in my country Peru, there are many places and natural parks as well to visit, in amazon jungle Manu Park is located at south east of the country with stunning flora and fauna to discover and see, Huascaran Park located in "Cordillera Blanca) or white range and is highest peak in my country with about 6300 meters above sea level. and yes these palces are touristic places, so every visitor could go. I will wait you.


Can you say why the answer for Comprehension task #2 is 3. d, j?

In the video I heard and then reread in the transcript that World Heritage Site (option d) is the coastline (option 4)?

While they may be both World Heritage Sites, I can't find where in the video it says that Giant's Causeway is one.

Thank you for any help!

Hello Poupounchka,

The transcript on the webpage (under the exercises) says:

The Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland is just a short trip across the water. This world heritage site is the most popular tourist attraction in the area. Around 40 thousand rock columns were formed by the eruption of a volcano here, thousands of years ago. The tallest of the columns are around 12 metres high.

There in the second sentence it indicates that it's a world heritage site. 

Does that make sense?

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team


Thank you for such a fast reply!

So, both Giant's Causeway and the Coastline are World Heritage sites, and we pick the first one since we should have two options for each site only?


Yes, that's correct. With tasks like these it can be a case of choosing the best descriptions so as to ensure that there are two options for each element. It is true that the Jurassic Coast is a World Heritage Site but strictly speaking it is not clear from the video whether it is such a site in its own right or merely part of a larger site. There is some ambiguity there.


Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team

hi , would you help me to understand the meaning of the word home in the following sentence?

I’ve come to Cairngorm National Park in Scotland, home to 5 out of 6 of the tallest mountains in Britain, ........
thank you

Hello nicky62,

Here, 'home' refers to the location of these mountains. In other words, Cairngorm National Park is where these five mountains are located. It might help to think of this as part of an omitted relative structure like 'Cairngorm National Park in Scotland, which is home to five out of six ...'

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team