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Creativity is GREAT - Part 1

From Wallace and Gromit to Ewan McGregor, Britain's cinema is great. Richard visits the London Film Museum and finds out about the facilities for making film in the UK.

Tarea 1

Which of these things do you see in the London Film Museum?


Tarea 2

Watch the video again, and select the best answer.


Task 3

Can you make sentences from the video using these words?


Tarea 4

Can you complete these sentences with the right words? Use of with which, whose or whom.




Nivel de idioma

Advanced: C1
Upper intermediate: B2


Hello Myguell!
I'm sorry to tell you that the audio, like the videos, is copyright. I'm glad you like our content, though, and if you want something to download, you could try our Elementary Podcasts or our radio soap opera, Big City Small World.
Jeremy Bee
The LearnEnglish Team

I've posted Few dans ago a suggestion to let us your video documents in mpg for eThe renon is I think at those who, like me , find the debit of speaking a bit fast
with an mpeg file we'll able to use an app that will allow us playing the sound track slowly While reading text, listening and speaking in the same Time.

Hello Poussvite,
Yes, I remember your previous comments. Rather than make videos which can be played at different speeds, we prefer to make videos that are at different levels, not only the speed of speech, but also the grammar and vocabulary.
This series is one of the most difficult on the site with very fast speech. If you find it too hard, try one of our other video series.
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

ok, Thx Adam whig séries do you advise me?
best wishes

Hello again,
How about Word on the Street? That's definitely easier that Britain is Great.
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

My favorite british movie star is Mr Bean.
In my opinion the British also make the best nature documentaries, films like Earth and Blue planet are watched all over the world.

  1. How often do you watch movies? Usually if I have some free time I had watched educational and adventure movies like Harry Potter and Tomb Raider and many more. But the one have had gave me of interest are from the fable series and created one of female English writer's came from the port of Chepstow. She is an English writer behind of Harry potter and the sorcerer' stone's the movies was eventually completed the stories and in 1996 she received an offer of publication.
  2. How many British film stars and directors can you think of? Actually i am not so familiar about the movie director from British country but if I have time to look up all of this maybe in the near future for educational purposes.
  3. Like what I have said I inclined watching movies movies and Harry potter are my favorite character's movies of all time because he is an orphaned boy  and their families died at in his early ages. Please could anybody give me some feedback or comments about my grammar sentence structures and I would gladly  appreciate all your comments for my proximity examination. This coming in November. Thank to to all of you by using these of internet socialize video materials and for all the employees  of the British Council.

Thanks for all your nice comments on the website.
I'm afraid we don't correct students' texts here, because we have many thousands of users and only a small staff. However, your English is very good and clear. You might want to work on your choice of tenses ('the one have had gave me') and problems with collocations ('proximity examination').
Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

an exciting museum . It's true that Great Britain film is a leading film industry

Great !!!