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Innovation is GREAT - Part 1

Richard goes behind the scenes at Dyson, home of the space-age vacuum cleaner and much more!

Tarea 1

Which of these things is Richard shown in the video?


Tarea 2

What do these numbers refer to in the video?


Task 3

Drag the words to complete the sentences from the video.


Tarea 4

Type 'which' or 'that/which' into these sentences.




Nivel de idioma

Advanced: C1
Upper intermediate: B2


I like gadgets and technology which make your life simpler and more interesting instead of making you lazier and less productive. I partly agree that for the majority of people internet is a source which opens the whole world locking up in one room.
I prefer some running gear and a watch with GPS and heart monitor is my favourite gadget so far. А smart phone is another one that I like because of its versatility. I would definitely like to own a GoPro camera or even two.
I really like cool Dyson's fan and a cordless vacuum cleaner. It would be great to become an owner of the ones.

Hello The LearnEnglish Team!
These two sentences seem strange to me (Task1):
'Which of these things is Richard shown in the video?';
'Choose the gadgets that Richard is shown in the video.'
Is the word order correct here according to the usage of Passive Voice or the sentences aren't meant to be passive?
Thank you in advance!

Hello Dima,

Both sentences have passive verb forms, but the sentences have different structures.


The first sentence is a 'normal' question. It is a subject question with a passive verb form. For information on subject questions see this page.


The second sentence is not a question. It has an imperative verb form ('Choose') with an object ('the gadgets'), followed by a relative clause describing the object ('that Richard is shown...').


I hope that clarifies it for you.


Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team

Sorry, but they're still unusual to me. I would say 'Which of these things is shown by Richard in the video?' and form the second one using the same structure in the relative clause 'that is shown by Richard'.
Best regards,

Hello Dima,

Double object verbs such as 'show', which can be followed by two objects (i.e. a direct and indirect object), can be rendered in the passive in two different ways. In the first, the indirect object becomes the subject of the passive verb, whereas in the second, the direct object becomes the subject.

For example, take the sentence 'Tom shows Richard two gadgets.' 'Richard' is the indirect object and 'two gadgets' is the direct object. This sentence can be made passive in the two ways I mentioned above:

  1. Richard is shown two gadgets.
  2. Two gadgets are shown to Richard.

I expect that the first passive form above is the one that looks strange to you. It is indeed a bit unusual compared to other European languages, but it is perfectly normal in English, though this only happens with double object verbs.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

Technology is important because it helps us to have a good orientation to everything we handle daily

''The British love gadgets.'' Is it the use of definte article necessary in this sentence? It doesn't refer to somethig general?

Hello Liviu86,

You're right when you say that the definite article isn't generally used to refer to something general, but when referring to a nationality, i.e. the people of a nation, the definite article 'the' is used, e.g. 'The British drink a lot of tea', 'The French make good bread', etc.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

I am a big fan of gadgets, absolutely fascinated about them. For the last three year I have been getting a new iPad every year. I don't know why, I do not need them, I just have to have them. I think technology makes our life easier and gives us a lot of fun.

Absolutely, I have to get a Dyson vacuum cleaner, and one of those bladeless fans. Not getting the hand dryer though, it suits public spaces better. I don't think my friends will feel very welcomed, if I let them dry their hands without a towel. But the vacuum cleaner and the fan are brilliant, especially the fan, it makes home a safer place for children.

Dear Carlyle, I find these very good for teaching but for some reason I cannot always access the videos. I have been able to do so but most of the time it tells me that my system does not support MIME type. Is there any trick I could use to be able to access these all the time? Thanks for your help and wonderful lessons!!!